I Believe

by Antonely Adams

Four years ago my oldest son at the time was 39 passed away. I went into deep depression, couldn't do my job right at work, nothing, didn't care.

Of course the Dr. put me on depression medication, didn't really help. She advised me to get a pet, well I had a cat and didn't care for dogs. My daughter had a Yorkie so I thought I would give it a try. Well Lily is the love of my life my depression has gotten better and I even find myself laughing. The story about her; when I picked her up from the lady I ask when she was born, she was born Aug. 24th, my son was born on Aug 24th. I call her my angel sent from above. She will sit and look at his picture and do a little whine like she is talking to him. Like I said I believe she was sent to me from up above.

My screen name angelmoonforever, is a friend's name "angel moon" that died in a car wreck she was my best friend. So I know I have a few angels in my life.

Thanks for reading my Angel story.