Style Snapshot: Nailing the Nail Art Trend

by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Painted nails and manicures have always been a tried and true way to feel pretty and pampered. Take this concept to a new frontier with nail art and your clients will feel beyond glamorous. Accessorize nails with the current jewelry-making trends of the season for style that can't be ignored.

Design Idea C38B Necklace Whether your customers' fashion sense is full of show-stopping flair or more classically chic, there's a nail art trend for everyone. Following this season's other trends, geometric shapes and bold colors are what's in. Apply simple (and simply beautiful) nail decal embellishments in repeated polygons or fiercer tribal and animal patterns. Use popular colors for this fashion season such as royal purple, delicious cranberry, glossy black and pastel green. These shades can have a metallic, glittery, frosted and even pearl finish.

Don't just stop at the nails while the creative potential is at your fingertips. Use versatile nail decal embellishments on jewelry to make matching accessory ensembles.

Aside from using decals, there are even more ways to make nails a part of your designing repertoire. Swarovski crystal, rhinestones and other flat-backed components can be applied to create depth, as well as tiny seed beads and bugle beads arranged for intricate designs that give a sewn or crocheted look. Decorate with favorite colors and themes or celebrate seasonal motifs like snowflakes, angels, holidays, etc. Take your creativity even further with charms dangling from petite-sized jumprings on longer nail styles. Carefully pierce long nails, loop a smaller-sized jumpring through with the desired design element then close the jumpring. Voila!

These nail art trends are bound to make every woman feel beautiful and fashion forward. Let nails be your palette and allow the creativity to flow through your fingers (and stay there!).

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