He Still Watches After Me

by Sheryl Ripple

My dad died at age 60 from a fall. We were close and he was always right there, in the middle of whatever I was doing. Also, he taught me everything I know. After his death I moved into his house and decided to put a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen walls. He would have liked this idea. The kitchen was a little bit cold so I turned on two of the burners on the gas stove. I had been painting and moving right along when I came to a place on the wall that I couldn't hardly reach. I took my paint brush and leaned against the stove and reached as far back as I could reach. That's when I heard my dad, in a scared and stern voice say, "Watch your hair SIS!!" This startled me so I stood straight up and realized that my long ponytail was right there by the gas flame. I didn't actually hear his voice out loud, but I didn't THINK IT. I heard it in my mind. Daddy put his words out there and saved me from catching my hair on fire. He's my angel.

Inspiration for Story: My dad, David L. Ripple, 6/18/46 - 1/14/07 RIP