Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ® Color Forecast

Inspired by a global panel of fashion insiders and style industry experts at the Color Association of the United States (CAUS), our custom Color Forecast Reports give you a sneak peek at the color trends of upcoming fashion seasons. Use these guides to help plan upcoming jewelry lines that are sure to be right on trend.

Learn more about the Color Association of the United States here:

We've made it easier for you to shop by shade: just click on each square to see a range of products in that color family. In addition, you can use Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' color wheel to create color pairings that transition well from season to season!

Spring/Summer 2024

Barbielicious Blushing Orchid Borealis Breezy Buttercream
Cashmere Clean Slate Colonial Blue Cumin Dolphin
Fig Garlic Toast Grape Ice Island Flower Lichen
Peach Puff Piglet Plum Tree Razzleberry Rogue Blue
Sable Thai Curry Touch the Sky Victorian Lace Wasabi

Fall/Winter 2023-2024

Beetroot Berry Wine Alien Bubblegum Cloak
Caribbean Sea Coral Reef Dijon Celtic Green Frosty Mint
Delphinium Lambs Ear Lemon Meringue Firmament Mallard
Maple Leaf Pink Princess Peacock Purple Basil Rhubarb
Tangelo Salty Caramel Seafog Woodland Stroll Wallaby

Spring/Summer 2023

Agave Allium Apple Brandy Arancione Arctic Ocean
Azalea Banana Pie Berry Syrup Chipmunk Citrus Splash
Deep Breath Dragonfly Dragonfruit Fossil Just Peachy
Limeon Maple Bar Night Stroll Overalls Peek a Blue
Perfect Storm Plummy Sea Glass Waltz Wild Currant

Fall/Winter 2022-2023

Lineage Dark Amaranth Petrichor Everglade University
Tortilla Glit Curacao Cedar Orange You Glad
Mushroom Soapstone Rain Dance Hazelwood Ganache
Atlantean Overcast Nebula Fawn Faeriewinkle
Victorian Dream Macaron Arepa Moody Mauve Tanghulu

Spring/Summer 2022

Arctic Aster Beetroot Bone Brambleberry
Candy Apple Chalet Desert Shade Fresh Cream Fresh Cut
Hibiscus Hyacinth Juniper Mercurial Olive
Peacock Persephone Persimmon Pollen Reclaimed Oak
Lautrec Sage Sky Tangerine Verbena

Fall/Winter 2021-2022

Anchor Antique Velvet Blood Orange Coriander Dune
Fern Heirloom Lakeside Matcha Mustard Seed
Oak Heart Ocean Breeze Pacific Blue Rosewood Saddle
Sand Dollar Sangria Sea Holly Stainless Sunsinger
Sweet Pea Toasted Coconut Van Gogh Victorian Willow

Spring/Summer 2021

Cempasuchil Raffia Tiramisu Pumpkin Spice Cloudless
Velas Chromium Savoury Cafes of Amsterdam Mermaid Blue
Oceania Sweater Weather Black Currant Hummingbird Blossom Artichoke
Pomelo Hot Cocoa Sweet and Spicy Reclaimed Thistle Head
Raspberry Sorbet Foghorn Syrah Serenity Pool Eggplant

Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Geocache Namaste Memory Glacier Charge
Shimmer Resort Papel Picado Schussing Digital
Coruscate Sauna La Rosa Catrina Lodge AI
Thunder Egg Restoration Calaveras Matterhorn Augment
Crevasse Detox Bittersweet Treeline Circuit

Spring/Summer 2020

Skyline Trail Kangaroo Samba Memorial Pampas
Acadia Ayers Rock Flores Hibisco Petal Poncho
Halifax Standley Chasm Prainha Conservatory Alpargatas
Blue Rocks Uluru Jardim Botanico Reflecting Pool Bombachas
Atlantic Didgeridoo Copacabana Bough Iguazu Falls

Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Crimson Retreat Lighthouse Sassafras Countdown Midwinter
Summerhaven Seaway Susquehanna Celebration Kindling
Gem Show Riffle Golden Delicious Midnight Kiss Hearth
Desert Rose Draught Line Foliage Times Square Douglas Fir
Sentinel Peak Drizzle Cornucopia Resolution First Dawn

Spring/Summer 2019

Electronic Forte Bebop Minstrel Ballad
Strobe Sonata Groove Baroque Protest
Pulse Adagio Fusion Gregorian Chant Greenwich
Rave Conductor Syncopation Dulcimer Bluegrass
Trance Dolce Vibes Cathedral Folklore

Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Biscotti Namaqualand Nutmeg Creme Pike Place
Pesto Growth Cranapple Latte Art Vashon Island
Berry Frosting Gentle Passionfruit Cappuccino Tidepools
Huckleberry Tribal Sage Roasted Bean Driftwood
Oregon Blackberry Beauty Rainstorm Black Tea Cascade Mountain

Spring/Summer 2018

Relax Selfless Pop Art Flow Mustache
Eptanisa Compassion Soup Can Soul Clean Cut
Ionian Waters Honesty Offbeat Meditation Barber Chair
Cycladic Generosity Artist Mindfulness Straight Razor
Villa Community New Wave Energy Hot Towel

Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Cracked Wheat Lamppost Courage Peak Esquire
Campfire Breathless Tassel Dew Drop Executive
Honeycomb Skyscraper Honor Nightfall Bright Idea
Walnut Industrious United Grace Ambition
Wildberry Bustling Recruit Wilderness Diversity

Spring/Summer 2017

Ferris Wheel Breeze Pompeii Photograph Hemingway
Penny Toss Seagull Venus Teacup Linen Suit
Goldfish Lifesaver Life Humidity
Fishbowl Palm Robe Dream Palm Tree
Balloons Little Umbrella Michelangelo Toy Chest Hammock