Style Snapshot: Marketing and Selling Jewelry to Men
by Dan Day, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Design Idea B71W Necklace With recent sales numbers showing significant growth in men's jewelry, there is still a vast, untapped potential market for selling your jewelry designs that you can't afford to ignore. The key is understanding your male target audience, and developing ways to create in them awareness, interest and motivation to buy your jewelry. More men are looking to upgrade their appearance in a competitive business environment. This need to dress for success is reflected in a willingness to move beyond casual and enhance their wardrobe with a designer-quality necklace, bracelet or pendant.

Embrace the idea that you can create jewelry items for men and successfully market and sell your products to them. When designing jewelry, it's important to understand that they value prestige and quality of craftsmanship and are attracted to very specific styles. Likewise, men are often interested in accessorizing to express their individuality.

When selling to men, help them realize that shopping can be a pleasure, and not a chore. Buying jewelry can be fun, exciting and very rewarding for men. An especially effective way to expand your selling-jewelry-to-men efforts is celebrity marketing. Seek out local athletes, musicians and public office holders to wear your designs at ball games, clubs and public events. They can be very influential on the attitudes and buying habits of their fans, audiences or colleagues.

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Discover ways to engage male visitors in your business (often accompanying female shoppers) by having a selection of men's jewelry products you can gently persuade them to try on. These items meet needs they may not even be aware of, for example the need be more attractive, the need to show strength, security and self-confidence. Most men prefer products that combine construction and style. Strong, earthy materials such as wood, leather and metals in a clean, simple style establish a good foundation for a line of men's jewelry products. Do some research, look online or in magazines and find materials and styles that best fit the male customers in your area.

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Customer Comments

We would like to share some of the customer comments we received in response to the article "Marketing and Selling Jewelry to Men," as featured in an email newsletter. Please keep in mind that the comments expressed below are those of our customers and do not reflect the views of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

"Thank you for this helpful information. It just so happens that I wanted to start making jewelry for young men. I just bought a lot of very nice wood beads and skulls. I have been asking what they like so that I can get an idea.

Keep up the good information; thank you."
- Becky

"I am new to Fire Mountain Gems (thanks to my mom). I have been a jewelry artist for 4 years and now I finally have hit the mother lode thanks to you all!! I will never shop at Michael's again! Thank you so much! I travel with my 448-page book for motivation throughout the day! Andddddd I was inspired to start a men's line because of you all!! I love Fire Mountain Gems! I received my first order last week :)"
- Crystal

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