Loving Lavender

Design Idea MB3X Earrings
by Jessie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's time to lavish in the soft hues of lovely lavender. According to color theory, lavender elicits feelings of romance, nostalgia and tranquility. It is a favorite for spring and summer designs, honoring the elegance of its floral namesake and hinting at the traditional regality of royal purple.

Designing with Lavender:

Lavender combines with complementary colors for dreamy palettes ideal for designing for a range of trend-setting aesthetics. Monochrome and black create looks brimming with fresh modernism, or pair it with mint green and soft neutrals for rustic whimsey. Copper tones and delicate creams call back eras of vintage glamour, while neon accents offer futuristic optimism.

Lavender Materials and Components:

Gemstones offer earthen color palettes all their own, making them a top choice for designers looking to add eye-catching lavender to their pieces. Amethyst is an obvious choice but be sure to explore our lesser-known stones, like charoite, stichtite, lilac stone, fluorite and more!

Loving Lavender Design Idea 6886 Earrings

Shop lavender gemstones.

For a flashier lavender look, play with our stunning variety of crystal components! Preciosa Czech crystal and Celestial Crystal® both offer a wide range of quality lavender items, including crystal flatbacks, fancy stones, drops, pearls and much more. The machine-cut facets of these beautiful crystals will give your designs a sleek and refined appearance, ready to catch the light with wow-worthy sparkle.

Loving Lavender

Loving Lavender

Shop lavender crystals.

Enhance the look of lavender with texture! Bright and bold Zebra Wire™ and niobium wire bend the purple hues with eye-catching metallic highlights. Sew, weave, loom or string seed beads in lavender hues to form elaborate patterns or rich accents. Forgo the chain for a lavender ribbon and add a touch of both texture and timeless femininity.

Loving Lavender Loving Lavender Design Idea 9836 Necklace

Several hundred lavender-colored products are available from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads … which will you choose? Enjoy all the possibilities of lavender!

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