Design Idea C80X Brooch
by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's not just for lapels anymore--the brooch is back and it's making a place for itself everywhere. This season has seen the brooch, too often relegated to retro or vintage fashion, not only return to its usual placement on jackets and blazers, but also expand into other fashion and home décor uses.

Pin It's not just the old-fashioned cameo, either. There are kilt pins, spot pins, brooch sets and other varieties. They're showing up on brides and businesswomen. Even the guys are adding brooches to their look, starting minimal with a flag pin or tie tac or going bold with rough metals or distressed surfaces in masculine geometrics.

Women's styles span the spectrum of colorful enamels, iridescent feathers, fabric covered or beaded cascades. Metal brooches include both brushed and polished surfaces--frequently mixing the two in sculpted shapes or highlighted with colorful enamels, resins and gemstone geodes. Opulent brooches accent fur scarves, beaded collars and other accessories such as handbags, shoes and belts.

Both sexes are mustering military touches, using new interpretations of vintage uniform badges and medals as accents to leather and canvas outerwear. Menswear and womenswear alike are also drawing on the look of the English country gentleman in his tweeds with a discreet and understated brooch on a jacket or overcoat.

Since 2013-2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse, horse-shaped brooches are a common theme. And with the approaching 100th anniversary of the birth of surrealist Salvaldor Dali, accessory designers are drawing on Dali-esque representations of clocks and watches for accent brooches or statement pins.

So pin your hopes on seeing brooches of all kinds decorating both people and homes. Then create your own lines of brooches and design them with the flexibility to be used anywhere--and everywhere.

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Created with antiqued metals, crystal or faceted glass, fashionable brooches have been seen on a variety of clothing and household items to draw attention and make a statement.
  • Clothing
    • Seen on shawls, stoles, jacket pockets and other outerwear
    • Pinned on bodices and bustiers
  • Household décor
    • Pillows, lamps and other décor items.
  • Other Uses
    • Glittering in hair styles both casual and formal
    • Accenting purses, shoes and hosiery
    • Replacing statement buckles for interchangeable style
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