The Angel Lady

by Rita Faye Hill

It started three years ago. I was recovering from a heart attack and a stroke. I knew I had Jesus to thank for sending my guardian Angels to help me through that hard time. Since I couldn't get out like I use to and fellowship, and was going crazy just having to be in bed all the time, it came to me. Angels. I could craft Angels. So I began to create Angels. My first ones were of plastic beads and wings, nothing fancy but very cute. As I started going to my Dr. and the Hospital and such I started "sharing" my faith in God and Jesus by giving out Angels to everyone I met and talked to.

Being part Native American, and thinking of the Chinese, I started to use only genuine stones. The theory being the stones help attune your body to the natural flow of the earth and in doing so helps you get better. I never charge for these Angel, they are gifts of the heart. I use crystals, turquoise, agate, all sorts of stones and sea shells.

This February, it has been 3 years and 1 month since I started passing out my Angels. So far I have given out 3,947 Angels. At the Hospital KDMC, they call me the Angel Lady. When I have to go to the ER for anything, someone will see me and then someone will request an Angel. Which I happily give.

Four days ago around 7 p.m. there was a knock on our front door, it was an EMT driver from one of the ambulance services that I've used over the years. She had come to ask for Angels for a family in Hospice, because she said when she had needed help, her Angel had given her the hope and help she needed. She wanted to give some to the family at Hospice. I couldn't say no. I said yes and we prayed for the family. My sister just went into the hospital due to her heart. She noticed the nurse wearing one of my Angels. He said, "Yes, I had to get a second one," when she asked. I had a patient that wasn't doing good, but he was fascinated by my Angel so I gave it to him. He seemed to rest easier as he held it and talked about it and when he was young. He passed away half an hour later, but he was sleeping peacefully when he passed. If for no other reason I want to continue to make my Angels. I hear from so many how they help, and I tell them it's just an Angel from Heaven. And God loves you, believe in Him and Jesus. Angels have given me so much, I am glad that I can share them with everyone.

Peace and Prayers,

Rita Faye

Inspiration for Story: The people I've met at the Hospital.