Mix and Match Your Bling

Mix and Match Your Bling

by Kristal Wick, Author, Designer and Instructor, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

I have to admit, color is my #1 fave part of jewelry design. Everything else ties with 2nd place and there's no 3rd! When writing my first best seller, ''Fabulous Fabric Beads,'' I spent a lot of time putting together sample color pallets showing mixtures of different colors of beads and discussing the various shades and combinations that make up the whole effect. Color is what puzzles designers the most. I'm asked about color more than any other topic and although I do believe color selection comes naturally easier for some designers than others, you can train your eye to look for certain aspects of colors and learn to blend a satisfactory palette every time. Or, you can take the easy path and purchase Crystal Passions® color packs already put together for you!

Crystal Passions® Crystal Assorted Color Packs--Glacier and Complimentary Beads Let's look at some of these crystal color pallets and break them down. Take the Glacier Crystal Passions® crystal assorted pack and add copper-finished findings such as these starburst design, rope-edged or Greek key design buttons. Mixing the blues with copper gives the look a Southwestern flair. Give your look a cool touch by adding only silver components like these antiqued silver-finished bead caps, antiqued pewter spacer bars or these silver finished bead frames.

How about the Smokies Crystal Passions® crystal collection with some grey leather, antiqued silver-finished square bead and pendant caps and Crystal Passions® crystal jet, cubes? Crystal Passions® Crystal Assorted Color Packs--Smokies and Complimentary Beads

Crystal Passions® Crystal Assorted Color Packs--Passion and Complimentary Beads You want more color? How about a little of the Passion Crystal Passions® crystal collection? Highlight these amethyst beauties with a dash of sterling silver amethyst ovals.

Try a little tenderness with these Crystal Passions® pearls Tenderness collection. Add the new Crystal Passions® crystal, crystal rose gold Xilion bicones and black onyx beads. Crystal Passions® Crystal Assorted Color Packs--Tenderness and Complimentary Beads

Crystal Passions® Crystal Assorted Color Packs--Forest and Complimentary Beads Take a relaxing stroll through nature with the Forest Crystal Passions® crystal color pack, antiqued copper rectangles, carved antiqued bone butterflies and this lush green wire, perfect for wrapping.

The Sonoran Crystal Passions® crystal color collection would really pop with a splash of turquoise beads and these antiqued copper beads. Crystal Passions® Crystal Assorted Color Packs--Sonoran and Complimentary Beads

Crystal Passions® Crystal Assorted Color Packs--Mystery and Complimentary Beads How about being more mysterious with the Mystery pearl Crystal Passions® collection? Add even more intrigue with either of these animal print clay beads and black lava rock.

Got the idea by now? Start off with a collection and add splashes and dashes of other elements in the same color palette to make your own new favorite combos! Have fun!

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