Style with a Purpose--Medical Alert Jewelry

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Note: Medical identification tags must be the critical centerpiece of a design. Certified First Responders are trained to recognize medical identification tags. Please ensure tags are obvious for first responders.

Medical identification (ID) tags are very important, and could be life saving, providing critical information to others when the wearer cannot. But just because they are commonly used, doesn't mean they have to look common. Stylish and personalized medical alert jewelry is an ever-growing market as men and women look to communicate allergies, medical conditions or current medications in a fashionable way. Typically worn on bracelets, neck chains or clothing, medical ID tags can be incorporated into a multitude of jewelry designs. Whether you are making-over existing medical jewelry, creating gifts for friends and family or introducing a medical jewelry line or DIY kits, read on for design tips and product suggestions for style with a purpose.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers ready-to-engrave medical ID bracelet plates, pendants, charms and finished jewelry including anklets and bracelets in sterling silver, 14Kt gold and 14KtW white gold. Necessary medical information can be easily added using an engraving tool.

Engraver, General® UltraTech™ Cordless Precision Engraver

Next, incorporate this medical information into personalized jewelry for stylish appeal. Include gemstones with special meaning or specific metaphysical properties for particular medical issues, birthstones, Crystal Passions® crystals, pearls or Dione beads. In addition to a medical ID tag, medical information can also be spelled out in the stringing pattern using alphabet beads (also available in large-hole styles for Dione® Add a Bead System). Even more customization can be added to medical ID jewelry using metal clay or steel punches and stampable metal components, which can also be embellished with Crystal Passions flat back crystals for a sparkling statement.

Take medical jewelry designs from ordinary to extraordinary with multi-strand necklaces, charm bracelets, Dione jewelry, beautiful brooches or beaded keychains. Use braided leather cord for unisex designs.

Create interchangeable medical alert jewelry by adding charm hangers or lobster claw clasps to medical ID charms and pendants, giving wearers the ability to easily take them "on and off" jewelry pieces to match particular looks. This can also be helpful as medications and medical information changes, allowing people a hassle-free way to update their jewelry. Designs can also be refreshed seasonally based on our Expert Color Forecasts Guide, helping to lift spirits and style.
And now it's time to let the medical jewelry do all the talking with one-of-a-kind, attention-getting designs.

Medical Alert ID Charms, Pendants and Bracelets

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