by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Your social club, school, charity or non-profit organization has decided to sell finished jewelry as a fundraiser. Whether you are fundraising for group expenses and activities or for charity, the tasks are the same. Choosing which jewelry pieces to sell is driven mostly by factors such as how much money your group has available to spend, your fundraising goals and your target audience. A good place to start is with Fire Mountain Gems' Everyday Jewelry™ Collection. Priced for retail success--the Everyday Jewelry line combines current styles, as seen in popular fashion magazines, with economical price points.

Another great way make your product selection easier and maximize your fundraising budget dollars is to select from the Jewelry Assortments, filled with a wide variety of finished jewelry with designs incorporating colors, styles, shapes, sizes and materials of some of the most popular beads, gemstones, crystals, jewelry, findings and more.
Jewelry Assortments Jewelry Assortments

You should also consider ordering some gift packaging in case your customers request it. When you are ready to order your fundraising finished jewelry, remember that our customer support team is on-call to answer your questions and provide friendly guidance.

Now that you've got jewelry to sell, where should you conduct your fundraiser? If there is a specific event or location where your target audience congregates (a sporting event or "art walk," for example), get permission from the event organizers to set up your tables. Because you know your local community best, you should brainstorm location ideas with your group members. Also contact museum gift shops, art galleries, salons and small gift stores to see if they'd be willing to host your fundraiser.

You have the who, what, when and where all figured out, now it's time to spread the word. Your promotion efforts should include posters and fliers. Contact local TV and radio stations and newspapers to place a community announcement. If you are fundraising for charity and have an interesting angle or you can make available a recipient of your charity, you could gain a news interview or feature story. Don't forget social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Your best ally is promotion through networking or the time-tested word of mouth. In addition to friends and colleagues, call on local businesses, business leaders and local chapters of other local groups such as Lion Club and Rotary.

Next is how to set pricing for fundraising jewelry items. The easiest method is called "keystone pricing"--whereby you simply double the price you paid. Or you may want to calculate prices so that you sell enough to cover expenses plus profit. Now that you have a goal for your fundraiser, a team of volunteers, and jewelry priced and ready to sell at your location, here are a few retail selling tips:
  1. Greet everyone
  2. Don't hover, yet be approachable
  3. Encourage customers to touch the jewelry
For more selling tips see ''Selling Tips 12 Tips for Retail Craft Sales''.

A few final points: bring tablecloths, displays, signs, a mirror and money to make change. If selling outdoors, perhaps provide a canopy to protect you from the elements. You may want to provide snacks or at least bottled water. Make sure your selling team is wearing comfortable shoes and dress in layers. Holding a fundraiser with finished jewelry will be worth the effort--it will be exciting and you'll have lots of fun.