Style Snapshot: LOVE Beads? We Sure Do!

Style Snapshot: LOVE Beads? We Sure Do! Style Snapshot: LOVE Beads? We Sure Do!
by Roberta Grace, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Bring back that "summer of love" feeling with 1960s-inspired love bead necklace designs. Popularized by the California counterculture movement, love bead necklaces consisted of one or more long strings of closely spaced small beads. Love beads were worn by hippies and "flower people" as a symbol of the altruistic ideals of brotherhood, peace and goodwill.

Style Snapshot: LOVE Beads? We Sure Do!

Get your groove on and design your own version of this cultural icon. Swinging styles can include easy-wear necklaces that go anywhere--with dress clothing or a bathing suit! Traditionally, love beads were macramé of natural stringing materials such as cotton cord, jute and hemp. Small organic-style brightly colored beads of glass, shell, wood and bone were strung tightly spaced and embellished with peace symbol, flower and heart charms.
Hemp Cord and Gemstone Beads
Create an updated love beads look for today's style seeker, keeping the design mantra, "festival bohemian chic" in mind. Choose a complementary color palette, select sleek polished beads including jewels, gemstones and precious metals, but avoid multicolored glass. Offer shoppers both multi-strand and matching stacked strands in 25-inch and longer lengths. Imagine, perhaps jewelry designed with a passion for uniting the world one bead at a time will help peace to guide the planet and the world to live as one. Now that the Age of Aquarius has dawned, it's time to let the sun shine in.

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