Style Snapshot: Making Jewelry with Duct Tape
by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Duct Tape

Slap-on Bracelet Blank
Everybody knows duct tape (or Duck Tape®).

Developed in 1942, it was based on medical adhesive tapes created with cotton "duck" cloth and was originally used as a water-resistant sealing tape for ammunition boxes during WWII. Soldiers got used to their "duck tape" and, after the war, bought it in hardware stores for household repairs. These days, teens compete to make the best prom dress out of duct tape. Duct tape is used by everybody from heavy metal bands to the military--there's even duct tape on the International Space Station!

It's not just shiny silver or matte black anymore, either. Duct tape now comes in a rainbow of colors and wide variety of patterns and designs, making it a jewelry-making material that's both easy and fun to use.

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Duct tape is a great design material for fun, casual jewelry styles worn at the pool, beach and indoors, too. Designers can bend it, fold it, pinch it and use it to cover wood or plastic cores. The only limitation is the one in your creativity.

There are a number of ways to use duct tape in jewelry design:
  • Create sheets of duct tape by taping the sticky sides together and fold it using origami techniques
  • Create strips of duct tape by taping the sticky sides together and roll it with Paper Bead Rollers. Leave the tip unbacked so it self-sticks!
  • Cover wood or plastic beads for an easy-to-string bead. Cover glass or plastic cabochons, then set in mountings for quick and colorful pendants.
  • Line the bottom of an ICE Resin® creation for extra pattern and color
  • Wrap around slap-on bracelets, wood bangles or metal bracelet bases for colorful instant jewelry
Style Snapshot: Making Jewelry with Duct Tape
Style Snapshot: Making Jewelry with Duct Tape
  • Create strips and use them like ribbon with ribbon ends
  • Roll into a round cord, then add Dione® large-hole beads. End using glue-in or crimp-style cord ends.
  • Create three-dimensional kanzashi or free-handed flowers to use on rings, necklaces, hair jewelry and more
  • Cover old picture frames for home décor or booth displays
  • Add a strip to card stock for fun greeting cards.
  • Need something for the guys? Create a bola tie out of duct tape!
  • Makeover a pair of old shoes with hot pink zebra stripes, leopard print or colorful zigzags. Duct tape is water resistant, so you might be able to splash through a puddle or two, as well!
There are hundreds of shapes and designs that jewelry makers can create out of colorful duct tape. All it requires is a little ingenuity and the ability to "stick" with it.

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