Medium: Metal Clay
Courtesy of Handmade Business

Erin L. Meharg Harris made "Reliquary for Harnold Eugene" in 2013 from sterling silver, watch crystal, mica, seeds, rocks and fur. Photo by Robert Diamante. (

Above left: Anne's Beach's "I AM. A DREAMER" necklace is made of fine silver and adorned with a conflict-free diamond. (

Above right: Rachel Kranzberg Miller created "Brownstone Mezuzah" in 2012. "Metal clay is the medium that made it possible for me to express myself," she said. (

"Renaissance," by Joy Funnell, was made with Art Clay® Silver and enamel in 2013. (

Made of Precious Metal Clay™, Michelle Glaeser created this precious vessel with removable lid in 2013. (

Christi Friesen crafted "Fire Pod Brooch" in 2012 with copper and polymer clay, as well as copper wire. "I wanted to explore combining copper metal clay with other materials and still keep a believable, organic form," the artist said. (

Art Clay Silver Master Lisa Pavelka made the "Rusticated Heart Pendant." Created of Art Clay Silver, the piece features a vintage, rough-hewn look. Details are both stamped and hand-etched. Steampunk elements were created by hand. Liver of Sulfer patina highlights the details of each piece. (

Made from Hadar Jacobson's Brilliant Bronze and Low Shrinkage Steel clays, Cynthia Pope's "crack rings" are simultaneously fun and elegant. (

Jennifer Gastelum created this necklace/earring set from her new "Picks" custom template and Metal Mania Copper Clay. (