Sonic Boom and Cosmic Angel

by Sparrow Mattes

At eight years old I did not know about angels. My family was not angel oriented. Early one morning I was training a horse for barrel racing. Sugar was large and tempered like many Thoroughbred horses, high-strung and spirited. She loved the training and would anticipate the barrels by rearing up on her hind legs at the start. I mainly rode bareback at that age and would hold on to her mane. She was agile and balanced like an athlete, the rearing was how she managed anticipation before the first run.

This summer morning was like most mornings on the first run she reared. But unlike other mornings while at the height of the stance, a thundering sonic boom shook heaven and Earth. She lost balance, somewhat like a kangaroo, she jumped backwards a few times then began to fall. A few hops back was farm equipment with large heavy plows, sharp sheer blades, and circular discs, all designed to break up the hard winterized ground each Spring. Backwards we fell straight into the mass of unyielding iron. Right before we hit a huge "feather comforter" wrapped us. I landed on top of the farm equipment, on top of sharp discs, Sugar fell on top of me. Instead of iron it was soft like a feather mattress. What was even more amazing was Sugar laid still and calm. We were enveloped within an essence of peace and tranquil calm for minutes but perhaps it was seconds; one of the spaces where "here" is not measured by time. Then from behind both Sugar and myself, two large energetic arms encircled us. The energetic hands were placed on Sugar's neck then very slowly lifted and sat us upright to the ground. We continued in tranquil stillness, as light sparkles cocooned us and extended about 9 feet around us. Absolutely no fear just inexpressible peace and love. Both of us just stayed until the sparkling slowly dissolved. It continues to be a powerful remembrance.