Saving Grace

by Donna Garrett

I used to drive big trucks (semis). One day I was driving on a back road on my way to take a load of asparagus to Massachusetts. My truck got to bouncing on the highway. The tires were coming up off the pavement. I couldn't think of what to do to stop my truck; I was in panic mode. The right wheel caught the curve and flipped over on its side and it began to bounce on its side and I was on the right side of my truck (inside the cab) and I was bouncing around like a rag doll. I was helpless and scared that I was going to die. I felt a pushing on the truck (on the front of the truck), then it finally came to a stop. My C.B. mic had fallen on the floor beside me. I picked it up and began screaming, "MAYDAY, MAYDAY!" I was scared of burning in my truck. A week before, a young man had burned to death in his bunk in his truck. I guess that is what I was thinking about at that moment. Some people came to see if I was ok. They called for an ambulance and I was rescued. After they pulled me from the wreckage of my truck, they told me that I stopped fifteen feet from a culvert. A culvert is very deep, but not as bad as a ravine. It will kill you just the same. I was told that I was very lucky to have survived that accident. My steering had broken, that is what I was told later. I have always believed in and loved angels and now because of my experience with them. I love them even more now.

Inspiration for Story: It actually happened to me.