by Jean Patten

I was married and after much trying, finally was able to conceive my first child, Michael. A week before he was 8 months old, something was very different about his behavior. I took him to the doctor and was given a new diagnosis every day for the next week. We were sent on to another clinic and then to 2 more hospitals on the same day. It was devastating to find out the following day that he had a rare form of cancer. At this point I never allowed him to be referred to as an angel. We fought very hard for six and a half months until he was just too weak to make it through his final surgery. The transplant would have been such a great match, as well as a great success. The little boy who donated the organ had almost the same name. He is the angel that came down to get my angel. And from now on, I make angels and think of Michael with each one.

Inspiration for Story: My son Michael.