Unlock Style--Key Pendants

Unlock Style--Key Pendants
by Bryan Nealy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Lock and Key Components The key is a tool that unlocks physical barriers: doors, gates, diaries and safes. The key is also a metaphorical symbol for much more. A key can open the door to a loved one’s heart. A key can give access to a lifelong dream. A key can free the imagination from restraints. The inherent mystery of the key has made it a popular choice for jewelry design. Tiffany and Co. have a large collection of keys, and celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Jessica Biel have been seen wearing key pendants.

The key can be the perfect piece for a number of occasions. A Valentine’s Day key can signify love and affection. A wedding day key might be a symbol of trust between soul mates. A Mother’s Day key could represent the precious memories a mother keeps eternally locked in her heart.

An excellent design element for this trend is the Crystal Passions® crystal key-shaped pendant. The faceted crystal pendant was designed by renowned artist Yoko Ono in collaboration with Crystal Passions®, and is available in two sizes and a number of color choices. JBB Findings has created a specialized bail for the Crystal Passions® pendant. The bail fits perfectly around the head of the key and crimps at the neck, which allows the key to always be facing outward. Also, choose from a large selection of key-shaped focals and pendants with a variety of finishes.

Crystal Passions® Crystal Key Pendants

Crystal Passions® Crystal key pendants inspired by Yoko Ono

Bails for Crystal Passions® Crystal Key Pendants

Bails for Crystal Passions® crystal key pendants

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