Life in Color: Oh! Ring™ Components

Life in Color: Oh! Ring™ Components Life in Color: Oh! Ring™ Components
Oh! Ring Components Life in Color: Oh! Ring™ Components
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

With trends still spanning the spectrum of flamboyant brights and neon favorites, exuding a lively personality through your jewelry is exciting and fashionable. Create myriad bracelets, necklaces and even rings with the revolutionary little component called the Oh! Ring™. Oh the possibilities!

Oh! Ring Illustrated Uses Oh! Ring Illustrated Uses

Manufactured from soft flexible silicone or rubber, these bands have been used as spacers, links and beads to add interesting texture and brilliant color to jewelry. The unique properties of Oh! Rings allow for flexible jewelry applications in popular patterns including ombré, color blocking, rainbow, chevron and more. Substitute Oh! Rings for closed jumprings in chainmaille to boast vibrant color and elasticity, making designs easy to slide on and off, or stretch with body movement providing a comfortable wear. Sport fanatics can show spirit using a team charm and coordinating Oh! Ring colors. Since these amazing bands are manufactured in such a vast array of colors and sizes, there is undoubtedly a combination for everyone and every occasion. Aside from the versatility Oh! Ring components bring to the table they are a perfect alternative for costumers with metal or latex allergies.

Oh! Ring Illustrated Uses Oh! Ring Illustrated Uses

The rubber band loom craze has seen rubber bands emerge as the preferred component to create jewelry and other accessory projects using a weave technique. The best part is you don’t need kits, cumbersome tools or templates in order to make these stylish pieces. All you need are the desired components for the particular design, latch hook tool or small paperclip and your own ingenuity:

Fold the first Oh! Ring in half over a jumpring. Put the curved tip of the latch hook or paperclip through the two loops of the folded Oh! Ring. Add the next Oh! Ring to the hook. Pull the hook with the attached Oh! Ring back through the two loops and fold in half, thereby creating two new loops. Continue weaving in the color pattern of your choice for the desired length. Glean inspiration from some of our Oh! Ring illustrated uses and let the creativity take your palette to new frontiers.

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