Topping it Off in Style

by Anne Marie Hunter, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

"It's an exciting new era for the hat!" World-renowned designer Rosie Boylan, 2014 Head Milliner, "The Great Gatsby," 2013.
Topping it Off in Style During many recent style trends, the hat was a stand-out accessory and now, the design world's enthusiasm has soared for this essential fashion fixture. Without a doubt, the embellished hat has fast tracked its way to the front of the race. As this trend continues, a lineup of the most popular hat styles includes the baseball, newsboy, cadet, visor and beret--all designed using a myriad of materials including leather, khaki, satin, straw, felted wool and more. Significantly embellished, these "it" hats are paired with looks from sporty and casual to dazzling.

"Visors are moving away from the sports arena and knocking it out of the fashion park. Look for glam accents like crystals, metallic leathers and chic embellishments." Accessories Trend Finder

A versatile accessory, hats complement jeans, formal wear and everything in-between. The Zoe Report spotlights a ruby-colored baseball hat with a rhinestone-encrusted bill that would unquestionably accent any day or evening look. A fabulous newsboy hat, with some added flash, is a jazzy addition to leggings and a T-shirt. A hip leather cap, monogrammed with rhinestones, will rock a night on the town. And, as always, hats are perfect for those messy-hair-don't-care weekend days when all you really want to do is head out for some fun in the sun. Hats are the go-to accessory for the fashion-savvy. Topping it Off in Style

Hats add flair and a dash of personal expression to individual style. At a recent major fashion exhibit in London, celebrated milliner Philip Treacy observed, "Hats make people feel good, and that's the point of them."

Get the Look:

To create hats that convey up-to-the-minute style, or to add the perfect accent to a new look, start the design with a beret, visor, newsboy, cadet or baseball hat.
  • For an all-out glam look, embellish a black beret with a rhinestone monogram
  • Add a pendant or brooch (or several for even more pizzazz) to the front, back, sides or bill of a cadet hat
  • Flash rock star style by combining metal studs, beads or spikes with chain on a leather baseball hat
  • Couch an original seed bead design on the bill or crown of a newsboy
  • Create a sensational satin baseball hat with an all-around design of Crystal PassionsĀ® crystals
  • Combine flowers and glass beads on a visor for a soft, feminine look
  • Group pins or pendants on the crown of a newsboy, cadet or baseball hat
  • For a timeless, elegant look, add individual or strands of pearls to a simple beret
  • Add or create an applique and tuck it into the brim of a cadet cap
  • For a playful look, layer the crown or sides of an old favorite with charms galore
  • Take a creative mixed-media approach and combine buttons, stones, feathers, crystals and more
  • Wrap chain or strands of beads and crystals around the bill or crown of a multicolored newsboy hat
  • For a touch of the exotic, embellish a straw visor with wood beads and feathers
  • Intersperse loose watch components and other playful elements to create an imaginative steampunk hat
  • Let your imagination soar!
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