Refined Beauty in Rough Gemstones

Design Idea C73H Necklace

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Natural is in. Raw-cut and rough gemstone material has been gaining popularity on all fashion runways. Running the size spectrum, everything from tiny chips for embellishment to bold, bigger-than-your-fist geodes are the main attractions. Both finished jewelry and components in organic-looking materials add nature's (seemingly unrefined) beauty while you still rest easy in our guarantee of top-quality products. Rare and common gemstones alike, including druzy agate, tektite, blackstone, kyanite, turquoise, amethyst and many more are making the cut when it comes to displaying the excellence of nature's imperfections. Each dimple, contour or inclusion work together in the exquisite creation of something truly one of a kind, placing extra value on your handmade designs.

Even if the components aren't entirely raw, gemstones or manmade materials in colors or cuts resembling natural formations add allure, crediting Mother Nature for her handiwork and inspiration. Shapes such as stick, point, freeform, nugget, pebble, chip and more give the right nod to nature-inspired designs. The entire finished piece need not be dripping in stalactites either. Even including a single rough-edged presence provides a surprisingly elegant look.
Refined Beauty in Rough Gemstones

Refined Beauty in Rough Gemstones In Tammy Honaman's gorgeous multi-strand necklace and earring set, there is a perfect juxtaposition of aged metal and muted gemstone. Antiqued steel focals and chain provide a romantic flair when paired with these gemstone nuggets boasting their original colors unchanged by dyes. The distinctiveness of these gemstones is prominently featured when strung alongside consistently formed round beads. The appeal is undeniable.

It is not difficult to see why Design Idea B211 was a finalist in the Bead Dreams contest hosted by Bead and ButtonĀ® Magazine. Even though the main cabochon is polished, the labradorite displays complex striations and magnificent flashes of light accentuated by the intricate use of complementary-colored seed beads. Other gemstones exhibiting rough surface texture can be found woven into the collar and dangling from the center cabochon giving a supreme example of manmade and natural coming together in pure sophistication sure to tantalize the imagination.

A lovely example of less is more and absolutely stunning because of it, Design Idea C73H is a marriage between wire-working and the prominently featured, unaltered
beauty of raw gemstone. Not all gemstones need to be drilled into beads for use in jewelry. Matchless and natural-looking weathered gemstone with smaller irregular chips next to the polished gleam of carefully manipulated wire is irrefutably intriguing.

Take advantage of materials such as druzy agate already encased in gleaming silver or gold colors for quick creations and even quicker sales. Naturally formed materials cut into recognizable and easily used shapes such as rounds or hearts still display surface texture and color variations true to nature's palette. All jewelry styles work well with gemstones; there are no exceptions. Steampunk designs with pyrite or dark and metallic-colored stones are sure to spark interest. Lavish bibs and collars covered in saturated-color gemstone embellishments will have the wearer feeling, and looking, regal. Even breathe refreshing life into simple stringing for everyday wear with organic beads. Have no fear in the amount or application of raw materials. Rest assured, whatever your jewelry preference, there's always a place for gemstones. It's just a natural attraction. Druzy Agate Beads and Components

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