Style Snapshot: Antiqued Jewelry Appeal Style Snapshot: Antiqued Jewelry Appeal
by Anne Marie Hunter, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

For thousands of years, stories of fabled and actual lands believed to hide ancient or antique treasure have fueled fantasies and ignited the hearts and minds of countless adventurers. Many have risked all, traveling the world to discover and claim precious metals and gems concealed under the earth or sea. In these searches, the potential for great riches is only part of the allure. For many, there's an equal fascination with stories and legends linked to the treasure. Through the centuries, ancient and antique jewelry, which has stood the test of time, becomes more and more valuable to those fortunate enough to possess it. And, when we own and wear heirloom jewelry, we're essentially connected to its unique history, becoming part of the enduring story of civilization. Miscillaneous Components

Antiqued Chain As today's jewelry maker, you can design jewelry that mirrors the past without having to wait decades or centuries for your piece to take on the richness and beauty of antiquity. You can create new jewelry that is reminiscent of the past and, at the same time, initiates a meaningful new story, too. With the selection of antiqued chains, findings and more from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, you'll design instant heirlooms with the appearance of antiquity. To achieve this look in a new piece of jewelry, design with themes, motifs and elements that echo styles of times past. Your designs will evoke the passage of time while preserving excellent quality with focal pieces, chain, clasps and more from an extensive selection of antiqued components.

Popular today as in the past, antiqued brass and silver resonates with a timeless appearance. Brushed, filigreed and small-link chain in antiqued finishes, make a great starting point for designs. Incorporate Victorian-inspired components such as crosses, cameos, lockets or keys. Pearls or opaque gemstones and glass or crystal beads in muted colors will enhance the antiqued appearance. Then, accent with Gilders Paste® to bring another level of antiquity to the design. Combine paste colors and create highlight effects which add to the richness. Filigreed bead caps and intricately detailed clasps complete the look with a delicate finishing touch.

There's a mystique that accompanies a special piece of antiqued jewelry. It ignites our imaginations with stories both known and unknown. When you create your own antiqued jewelry, you impart the meaning and write your own story for today and the future.
Style Snapshot: Antiqued Jewelry Appeal

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