The Birds, the Bees and More

The Birds, the Bees and More
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

What signifies warm weather more than watching the delicate fluttering of a butterfly or flit of a dragonfly as they dance along a summer breeze? Can't you just hear the soft, hypnotic buzzing of busy little bees dashing from flower to flower or dutifully building combs of delicious golden honey? Are you listening to the melodious song of a bird welcoming bright mornings or greeting the comfortable warmth of endless summer evenings? Incorporating bees, butterflies, dragonflies and/or birds, into your summer lines makes jewelry all abuzz with on-trend style, ensuring happy summer days for you and your pocketbook.

Bustling Bees

Give homage to the diligence of bees busily pollinating beautiful flowers and creating honeycombs dripping in sticky deliciousness. Important colors include black, clear, white, light or dark amber, bright yellow, copper and shiny or antiqued gold. Gleaming silver isn't shying away from joining the hive of colors though, giving bright contrast to black, gold and amber-yellow. Resin, plastic and amber are ideal honey look-alike materials to accompany your swarm of bees. Incorporate dimpled components for clever honeycombs and twisted cones for hives.
The Birds, the Bees and More

Dazzling Dragonflies

With shimmering bodies and iridescent wings, dragonflies look like a little bit of summer sun took flight. Metallic, foil back and AB Crystal Passions® crystal are an excellent way to net this trend. Dragonfly bodies come in many colors and their wings flicker between multitudes of reflective hues. You're guaranteed to make designs ripple in dragonfly-inspired colors with saturated jewel tones such as blue sapphire, ruby, emerald and more, soft purple, bright pink and metals in copper, silver or antiqued gold. Wire-wrapped bodies, charm wings and crystal-encrusted everything are favored ways to achieve this look.

Beautiful Butterflies

The butterfly's natural grace has won designers over and is appearing on everything. Delicate or robust, butterflies work for all styles. Prevalent materials include seed beads, polymer clay, hambabalud wood and Crystal Passions® crystal. All colors are welcome on the butterfly palette including rose gold, shiny and antiqued metals, pastels or saturated jewel tones spanning the rainbow. Girly, poised, elegant, whimsical; your jewelry lines can be as individual as the different types of butterflies themselves.
The Birds, the Bees and More

The Birds, the Bees and More Soulful Songbirds

Birds have inspired civilization for thousands of years with their delightful songs, ability to fly and symbolism of freedom. Let your imagination soar as you create bird-themed jewelry for summer fashion trends. Flocks of small bright canaries, a single intrepid swallow or large intelligent blackbirds alight on necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches--the designs are endless. Wrap wire to make cages or nests for an ingenious touch, add gemstone "eggs," seed bead bird bodies, even invent your own feathered friend using polymer clay accented with Gilders Paste® or mica powder.

Summertime is a warm weather medley played out by insects darting about and birds singing. Pick your favorite motif and design to your heart's content, filled with sounds of summer and luscious seasonal color. Mix themes as well since it's a symphony these delightful little creatures perform together! Buzz, flit and fly to summertime sales.

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