Crystal-Chic Jewelry--Clear is Here to Stay

Design Idea 6B0M Bracelet
by Anne Marie Hunter, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Crystal-Chic Jewelry--Clear is Here to Stay Whether it's statement or understatement, clear crystal jewelry is a trend that's here to stay. Simply straightforward, clear crystal beads and rhinestones add a touch of glamour to any look. With its play of light and sparkle, crystal clear jewelry elevates an ordinary look to extraordinary.

Crystal clear jewelry is an up-to-the-minute trend with a history that dates back thousands of years. In ancient times, quartz crystal was called "krystallo" by the Greeks who believed that it was eternally frozen ice. Jewelry artists, enticed by its allure, created timeless designs with this captivating stone. A fascination with clear jewelry continues to flourish in the 21st century.

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Exceptionally versatile, crystal clear jewelry looks good on everyone, for any occasion. Whether you choose a delicate necklace, swanky earrings or a cuff dripping with shimmering rhinestones, you'll sparkle day to evening. When searching for that perfect piece of jewelry, crystal clear is always a great go-to accessory and there's no need to save it for special occasions.

Described as "Iced Light" by Vogue Magazine, interpretations of clear crystal jewelry are limitless, and a design created today will be in style for many years to come.
Crystal-Chic Jewelry--Clear is Here to Stay

Crystal-Chic Jewelry--Clear is Here to Stay Key elements for this look include clear crystals including focals and drops, glass beads and rhinestones, clear quartz and seed beads. The same components used to create delicate, feminine jewelry will work beautifully for splashy, classic or rockstar edgy designs. And, when designing with crystal clear jewelry, any metal type is an excellent choice. Gold, silver and antiqued metals all complement crystal clear elements. Explore delicate or bold chain, and even leather, for original designs. When considering all of the possibilities, let your creativity be the guide.

If simple, understated style is what you're looking for, a bracelet with a single, elegant row of brilliant rhinestones might be just the ticket. Imagine a stunning statement necklace created with shimmering Crystal Passions® crystals and clear seed beads in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Often perceived as elegant or sophisticated, crystal clear jewelry can certainly be fun, too. Take a saftey pin; add Crystal Passions crystals, a watch component and some more sparkling beads. Smiles are sure to follow!

Crystal-Chic Jewelry--Clear is Here to Stay

Take a shining to crystal clear jewelry. It's timeless. It's chic. And, to quote Accessories Magazine, "With dazzlers like these, who needs diamonds!"

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