Cherubs Calling Uncle Jack Home

by Angelica Walker

I was aptly named as I have had a lifelong love of angels! And many, many times I have felt their loving presence in my life. None more clearly than the day I visited my Uncle Jack to be with him as he lay in a hospice dying of a brain tumor. As I sat and stroked his head there was so much love between us and suddenly the room filled with angels--I could feel their wings on my cheek and we were in a room full of cherubs very excited about accompanying Uncle Jack home!! My Mum came back at that point and stopped at the door--she too could feel them and couldn't walk into the room it was so crowded! I asked Mum if she could feel them and she had a big smile on her face as she said "yes" in wonder and joy. My mum isn't easy to impress and had spent 3 months sitting with her brother as he was dying so it was wonderful to see the pain leave her face too. There were so many of these beautiful cherubs and they were so excited and full of joy--very contagious. Mum and I knew Uncle Jack was in good hands! A few days later Uncle Jack died peacefully. To this day my Mum, who has had a hard life and lets little wonder in, says to me, "Remember the angels sweetheart, weren't they beautiful?" SOOO blessed, xxoo