Using Models to Sell Jewelry Designs

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Using Models to Sell Jewelry Designs
by Bryan Nealy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

The next time you take product photos of your jewelry, try using a model to show off your design. Jewelry-making is a fundamentally visual craft, and using compelling imagery is a powerful way to grab customer awareness. Utilizing a model to wear your jewelry designs conveys the mood of the piece and your business, and also gives shoppers a realistic view of how the piece looks in action. Here are a couple tips to help you use models to sell jewelry.

Using Models to Sell Jewelry Designs Finding a Model

Hiring a model to wear your jewelry is a fantastic way to gain exposure, but it's also an additional cost for your business. However, for the savvy businessperson, there are ways to minimize costs. One idea is to recruit friends or family members to be your models. You might be able to pay them in something other than cash (food, entertainment), and you also have the comfort level of already knowing them. Another option is to trade services with a model. Often, a model will be willing to pose for you in return for permission to use the photographs in his or her modeling portfolio. Posting a free ad on a website like Craigslist is a good way to find models who might be willing to trade services.

DIY Photo Shoot

Once you've found a model, it's time to shoot some photos. Almost any digital camera these days has the ability to take professional-looking photos. If you've purchased a camera in the last 5 years, don't go out and spend a chunk of money on a new one. But if you have a choice, it's best to go with a camera that can shoot in a manual setting. A good way to achieve professional-looking lighting is to use natural light from a window. Window light is even, and it can be softened with curtains if needed. A simple white background is good for this type of photography; you want the viewer to focus on the product, not a distracting background.
Using Models to Sell Jewelry Designs

Once you have the background setup in a good spot close to a window, you can start shooting. At this point, it's important to pay close attention to details such as the model's makeup and clothing, product positioning and cleanliness, and the framing of the photograph. Keeping the model's face in the shot adds character to the piece. And most importantly, remember to have fun!

Using Models to Sell Jewelry Designs Using Models to Sell Jewelry Designs

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