Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 1 - Science Fiction

Design Idea B349 Necklace

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Design Idea D32E Ring Enter a foreign world of science fiction through jewelry design. People love to show their personality through their accessories, including favorite books, games, shows and movies. Do you or your customers marvel at the futuristic beauty of life among the stars? Can you say a few words in Klingon? Or have you dreamt of interstellar battles? Transport customers to a science fiction world with your jewelry.

Space--the final frontier and an endless source of inspiration. The fashion world is swept up by the galactic storm in what Harper's Bazaar describes as, "a geek chic moment." Famous designers including Rodarte in New York and Preen of London have printed dresses with Star Wars characters and other designers including J.W. Anderson are making clothing inspired by Star Trek. Jewelry joins the fleet, allowing you to jump directly into hyperspace by using:

Design Idea DC1N Bracelet

  • Sequins and glitter
  • Three-dimensional necklaces with geometric shapes or galactic swirls
  • Scientific-inspired molecules, freeform amoebas, etc.
  • Seed bead planetary-looking spheres and celestial bodies
Design Idea CADB Necklace

Design Idea CABE Headdress

  • Angles and and interstellar battle-ready spikes
  • Shades of black, blue and grey
  • Specific character-inspired color schemes such as blue and white for R2D2 or gold for C3P0
  • Bib- and collar-style necklaces as well as freeform cuffs
Design Idea E14H Necklace

  • Swarovski crystal galactic, cosmic, meteor cuts and sun pendants; Swarovski colors white opal star shine, crystal astral pink, chrom and transmission
  • Celestial Crystal® stellar drops and focals
Swarovski crystal Swarovski crystal

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