Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 1 - Science Fiction

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Enter a foreign world of science fiction through jewelry design. People love to show off their favorite books, games, shows and movies, especially through accessories. Do you or your customers marvel at the futuristic beauty of life among the stars? Can you say a few words in Klingon? Have you dreamt of interstellar battles? Transport your customers to a science-fiction world with your jewelry.

Of the Extraterrestrial Sort

Many sci-fi jewelry designs feature aliens and other non-earthly beings. Incorporate this theme with beads, charms and pendants that look like classic "little green men" or use metal rondelles and seed beads to create miniature spacecraft. Use out-of-this-world colors, finishes and textured materials to imply a feeling of "not humanness". A key color palette of alien-inspired designs is neon green, purple, blue and pink. These are often paired with the black of space or grey and silver to represent spaceship metals.

Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 1 - Science Fiction Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 1 - Science Fiction Design Idea A15M Bracelet Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 1 - Science Fiction

Pop Culture

Space: the final frontier ... and an endless source of inspiration. Famous designers, including Rodarte in New York and Preen of London, have printed dresses with Star Wars characters. J.W. Anderson and Gucci released clothing lines inspired by Star Trek and designers at Louis Vuitton have touched on Tron and Stranger Things on the runway.

Pay homage to your favorite science-fiction adventure by incorporating character-inspired color schemes, such as blue and white for R2D2 or red, black and silver for Captain Picard. Add design elements that nod to favorite episodes or storylines, such as creatures, shapes or characters. There's no limit to the creative pop-culture references you can make in sci-fi designs.

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Futurism and Technology

Two science fiction themes that lend themselves brilliantly to jewelry are futurism and technology. Picture a futuristic society with sleek construction, lots of gleaming metals, and a level of simplicity paired with detailed design and structure. Futuristic jewelry often features a simple black, white and silver color scheme and plays with the concepts of line and shape. Geometric patterns add a polished, high-tech feeling. Create with mirrored, reflective surfaces such as metal sheet, crystal or vitrail finishes for a shiny boost.

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Similar to futurism, technology plays a major role in sci-fi jewelry. Recycling computer chips and circuits is a fun and eco-friendly way to add color and texture to your designs. Use seed beads, metals and silicone elements to create the look of cables, wires, rubber seals and other technological components. String beads and crystals in varying patterns to signify binary code and electrical signals.

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Get Ready for Battle

Are your customers' tastes less Dr. Who and more Battlestar Galactica? Dig into the rough and tumble side of science fiction with jewelry that exudes strength and courage. Sharp angles and interstellar battle-ready spikes give off galactic warrior vibes, especially when designed in shades of black, blue and grey. Create with chain, leather cord and metallic beads to create rugged-looking ensembles with space-age flair.

Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 1 - Science Fiction Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 1 - Science Fiction Design Idea D86X Necklace and Bracelet Design Idea G75U Necklace

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