Stick a Pin In It

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

A stick pin to be exact.

"What's a stick pin?" you may ask. They are hot jewelry additions to any outfit, especially on popular boyfriend blazers, vests, tuxedo jackets, hats and more. Long and slender, stick pins are versatile enough to go just about anywhere including hats, shirts, hair and skirts, too. Major designers such as Royal Asscher, Mignon Faget and Holly Dyment are showcasing these estate sale-style pieces with modern updates for the ideal accessory this season. Design Idea A85D Stick Pin

Design Idea 7374 Stick Pin Motifs include colorful faceted gems, clear stones such as diamonds or a singular shape at the top such as a triangle, star or heart. Other trendy additions to stick pin lines feature shapes in front of the stick itself. The pin goes inside the article of clothing, while the design remains outside to create a look resembling that of a brooch. Unisex in style, stick pins add a touch of color or class to both female and male outfits.

Stick pins provide a fashionable way to attach boutonnieres during special occasions, too. Take a look at the pearl on the stick pin in Jamie Smedley's boutonniere design, which matches the pearl on the boutonniere for a cohesive look. Men's fashion is branching out, giving males a chance to accessorize with more than ever.

Design Idea C14T Boutonniere

Create your own stick pins using styles with a loop at the top or findings with a flat headpin-like top or flat pad to adhere cabochons, flat back Crystal PassionsĀ® crystals and more. Or, take a page from jewelry designer/instructor Sandra Lupo and create your own stick pin from wire in recognizable or attractive freeform designs such as design A73L or design A73K. Form and fire metal clay as well, for unique sculpturing opportunities with your stick pin designs. Select your favorite one or cluster a bunch with coordinating themes and colors to spice up your look.

Design Idea A73K Stick Pin Design Idea A73L Stick Pin

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