Candy Beads

Design Idea D227 Bracelet
by Bryan Nealy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Every spring, tens of thousands of people flood into the desert town of Indio, California for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Festival goers are treated to two weekends of non-stop music, celebration and socializing. Among the younger crowd of attendees, fashion is also an important element in the Coachella experience. A person can't simply show up and enjoy the music, a person must be seen. An emerging trend from the fashion-conscious festival crowd is colorful, stacked bracelets.

Rubber coated glass rondelles Neon Color Czech Glass Beads

While this trend is most popular among young festival goers, it can be created and mixed into everyday fashion. The main element in this trend is the oversaturated and neon colors of the beads. Beads of all shapes and sizes are being used, as long as they are bright and can be seen. For your designs, try these beads:

Acrylic Pony Beads Acrylic Pony Beads Acrylic Pony Beads
Another popular element of this trend is personalized messages with alphabet beads. With letters, your design possibilities are truly unlimited. Create a fun statement, or something as simple as a name. Experiment with different styles of alphabet beads for your bracelets.

Acrylic Alphabet Beads Acrylic Alphabet Beads Acrylic Alphabet Beads

With these materials, it's time to start designing! However you decide to create your own stacked bracelet design, remember to have fun!