Men's Health ''Movember'' Mustache Motif Jewelry and Accessories

Men's Health ''Movember'' Mustache Motif Jewelry and Accessories
by Brett Wilder, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Movember is a combination of the words "mustache" and "November." It's a month during which attention is focused on men's health concerns including testicular and prostate cancer as well as men's mental health issues. The Movember movement originated in Australia in 1999 and has since spread throughout Europe, the United States and elsewhere; mustache-centric happenings now raise awareness in locations worldwide. The Movember Foundation has been established to accept charitable donations to help combat men's health challenges and promote further awareness.

Men demonstrate their involvement in Movember by growing a mustache during the month, and women can express awareness and support by sporting mustache charms, earrings and other mustache-motif accessories. By using the mustache as the icon of men's health concerns, support for men's health is expressed through a wholly masculine symbol. This can foster a beneficial spirit of connection for men and signal that it's OK, and yes, MANLY, to seek out and accept support. Mustache Charms
For women who wish to show their Movember support, it can be as easy as sporting a pair of mustache-themed earrings. Here's a fun pair of enameled sterling silver studs in the shape of an old-timey handlebar mustache.

The handlebar 'stache is easily recognized and it's the style most widely associated with the Movember movement.
Mustache Earrings
Mustache Charms Handlebar mustache charms and drops can be worn on simple chains or worked into larger designs that let women display their support for the men in their families and communities in fun and singular style.

You don't have to grow a mustache to help Movember grow stronger. Creating jewelry and accessories that carry the Movember message will start lively conversations whenever they appear, helping to spread the word and foster treatment and proactive solutions for men's health issues.

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