Style Snapshot: Emoji Jewelry
by Bryan Nealy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Emoji. In Japanese, the word translates to English as "picture character." In popular culture, emojis are small digital symbols used for electronic communication on computers, smartphones and social media. Similar to emojis, emoticons are symbols created from different keyboard characters, usually in sideways form. Among young people, emoji conversations on electronic devices are becoming more and more trendy. It can be a fun game trying to decipher the meaning of an emoji message, with everything from faces and hand gestures, to animals and objects as characters.

Style Snapshot: Emoji Jewelry

Emojis have now crossed from the digital realm into the physical world as jewelry embellishments. With emoji-inspired jewelry, a person can take advantage of the playful look of an emoji, or a designer can even create a piece that communicates a message with emojis. Smiley faces are the easiest emojis to find, but experiment with different facial gestures, animals, objects, colors and shapes.

Smiley Face Charm Cat Face Charm Monkey Head Bell

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