Focus: Paper Palooza

Courtesy of Handmade Business

Britannica Tower Master sculptor Brian Dettmer is one of the pioneers in the paper book-sculpting movement. His work "Britannica Tower" features a hardcover book with acrylic varnish. It measures 89-1/2 by 15 by 15 inches. "This is a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica volumes. It is a tribute to the history and work within the books, but it is also a totem pole, putting it in the context of natural history," Dettmer states. "It is a historic object that once served in a function from a previous or foreign culture that now rests in a museum and is presented as art." (

Created with surgical steel wires, the round paper-and-crystal earrings come in a dozen different colors. Made in Guatemala from recycled newspapers, the Dunitz and Company designs are also adorned with glass seed beads and faceted glass beads. ( Round Paper And Crystal Earrings

Paper Petal Earrings Much of the processing of recycled newspaper for the Dunitz and Company jewelry line is done by challenged adults. Dunitz and Company is working with a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Guatemala for this part of the project. Shown here, a stunning pair of paper petal earrings. (

Available in 12 colors, the paper teardrop earrings are mounted on surgical steel ear wires. The earrings are made by hand in Guatemala for Dunitz and Company, and are created from recycled newspaper. ( Paper Teardrop Earrings

Paper Bead Necklace Dunitz and Company's line of recycled newspaper debuted at the summer gift-show circuit. Elegant and eco-friendly, the design is handmade in Guatemala. The necklace is an example of paper beads, and the jewelry is a definite conversation starter. Dunitz and Company is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. (

Heart Book Sculpture Love Book Sculpture

Artfolds are a DIY way to "fold your own" book sculptures. Inspired by the intricate book-sculpting movement that has swept the art world, this is an instructive way for non-artists to try their hand at this creative outlet. Each book contains a set of steps to help people of all ages fold the pages of the book into decorative sculptures. The "Love" sculpture comes with the complete text of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility; the "Heart" sculpture is a color-edition project keyed into Random Acts of Caring, suggestions for ways to show family and friends that you care. (

Vintage Dictionary Art

Handmade in Florida, Vintage Dictionary Art repurposes older, antiquated dictionary pages into striking wall art. The pages are removed from Webster's Dictionary by hand and then printed with a fabulous array of thematic images. The decorated pages are then mounted on a hardwood board and attached with a wooden hanger, and then completed with a clear cellophane wrapper. ( Photo credit: Jennifer Raines

Customized Paper Products The a.i. paper design company (yes, the lower case is intentional) features customized paper products made by hand in Michigan. The innovative company prides itself on creating "stylish and savvy" paper wares. Everyday frames, photo blocks, memory magnets, jewelry holders, memo boards, and so much more are a part of their paper pursuits. ( Photo credit: Jennifer Raines