Industrial Nature for Illustrious Jewelry

Design Idea E335 Bracelet
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Nature is in, but not quite how you might expect. With a unique juxtaposition, the beauty of naturally occurring patterns and shapes are captured in metal for an industrial and modern update to organic-inspired jewelry.

The key element designers are thriving on is texture. These forms come to life in shiny, satin, matte, burnished and hammered metals for heightened detail. Achieve added intrigue by using torn or cutout patterns with peek-a-boo snakeskin or structural jewelry made from open link pocked "stone" or "coral." Cowrie, scallop, conch shells and other nautical themes are popular to render in metals giving the piece an almost liquid look with the smooth and reflective surface of sleek metal. Silver seems to be the most prominently used metal, but is certainly not your only option.

Industrial Nature for Illustrious Jewelry Industrial Nature for Illustrious Jewelry

Stamped or embossed skin patterns such as crocodile, snake, tilapia fish scale and more are appearing on geometric and architecturally influenced shapes (spheres, cubes, etc.). This combination brings science and nature together for jewelry reflecting our always-evolving advancements in the modern world coupled with a growing appreciation for an eco-conscious culture. Plus it looks neat, too!

One of the easiest--and most entertaining--ways to capture this industrialized nature motif is with the alchemy-like properties of metal clay. Formulas include silver, gold, bronze, copper and white copper, which all burn away leaving you with glistening metal in place of the easily molded clay you fired.

To learn more about how to use metal clay, our exclusive ''Precious Metal Clay Tips and Product Information'' article has all the basics. Metal sheet is another excellent option for forming into shapes or joining to surfaces with cold connections for an engineered appearance. Hinged, fold-over and other styles of clasps or closures with moveable mechanisms are favorite terminators in this trend.

Get customers excited about spring and summer designs without having to use florals. Don’t be caught without industrialized nature around your neck, wrist, finger or dangling from your ears lest natural selection make your designs a thing of the past.
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