5 Trendy Statement Necklaces

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Fashion is all about making a statement. Say hello to these five trending necklace styles, most with full instructions, for making a chic statement wherever you or your customers wear them.

#1. Crystal Rainbow

Design Idea E15F Necklace and Earrings

This many-layered inverted rainbow is a popular shape because of the implied center from which the concentric-colored rings ripple out from, causing the appearance of movement. The latest bib-style necklaces sporting this design have clean lines and showcase chain, crystal or gemstone as the most popular materials with the outermost ring freely dangling.

Crystal Passions' crystal and pearl lines provide ideal shine and sparkle to make these big, bold bibs for even more of a statement. And, you don't have to be going out for a night on the town to sport a gorgeous piece like this, as a solid color tank or tee suddenly finds new life when paired up.

#2. World Tribe

Design Idea DC1K Necklace and Earrings

Our world is always expanding, and yet it's smaller than ever. With advancements in technology, we are able to travel and communicate with the other side of the world in record times. This kind of interaction has brought about new mingling of cultures and inspiration from all over the globe, which we may never have been exposed to otherwise.

This particular bib-style necklace by designer Eliana Maniero resembles the stunningly beautiful Lake Carezza in Italy, which is surrounded by white-capped mountainous peaks. With the glacial crystal blues, frosty pearlescent flairs and beams of golden accents, one can imagine standing breathlessly at the lake's edge during sunrise.

#3. On the Fringe

Design Idea D510 Necklace and Earrings

Tassels and fringe have seen increased attention in fashion for the last few seasons. Dangles of all kinds are swaying to the beat of different drums ranging from punk to glam to earthy and more. Chain fringe is especially popular because this material provides enough weight for consistent movement that attracts the eye. Other popular fringe materials include cupchain, leather and seed beads.

The mixed metallic finishes in a tapered shape draws onlookers' eyes throughout the piece so your statement is heard loud and clear. Added pops of flash from faceted crystal set in easy-to-use mountings heighten the drama without extra weight or difficulty during the creation process.

#4. Do the Twist

Design Idea B826 Necklace

The more strands the better and don't worry about staying inside the lines on this necklace. A little bit messy looks a whole lot fashionable. Take your favorite beaded strands, join them together at the clasp or a gathered point off of a single strand and twist them up.

Have fun with this style and combine all your favorite materials from chain, cupchain, pearls, gemstones, glass and crystal for a wholly textured effect. A versatile style as well, twisted necklaces look regal in crystal pearls or edgier with varying chains. Mix your favorite styles for a statement that says you love sophistication, alternative fashion or a little bit of both.

#5. Ever-Blooming Flowers

Design Idea D20L Necklace and Earrings

Feminine statement necklaces are seeing bigger and bigger floral designs. The delicate inspiration for these blooms is in stark contrast to their larger-than-life size and materials. Popular ways to achieve this look include large, colorful crystals strung together or glued on a foundation to create faceted bouquets for your neck.

The more flowers, the bigger the statement, as was seen on the runway from Dolce and Gabanna with huge gemstone and crystal flowers. Gold, followed closely by silver, seems to be the preferred complementary metal tone while there is not a single color off limits for the petals themselves, ranging from striking neon hues to gentle pastels.