Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles

Design Idea D323 Bracelet
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Get in the swing of things with the hottest bracelet style. Fringe bracelets have taken fashionistas by the hand and led them to one of the most, swingin' and adaptable jewelry styles.

Chain, Chain, Chain

Chain is a popular material for fringe, and it's easy to personalize using varying lengths, finishes, etc. Attach charms, crystal or other embellishments to the ends for an updated charm bracelet.

Or, try making your bracelet entirely of chain with multiple strands in a cuff formation and let the ends dangle, as was seen on the catwalk at Vogue's Chloé Fall/Winter 2014-2015 fashion show ( The attention-getting piece affirmed chain as a versatile material with the ability to look graceful and elegant.

Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles

For a punk rock accessory, try leather, spikes, rivets and dark metallic tones in a messy-chain appearance for fierce alternative fashion. Combining aspects of leather and metal continues to be a popular look.

Metal sheet is easier than ever to use, with all the tools for metalworking available at Fire Mountain Gems. Form your favorite metal to fit various wrist sizes, punch holes along the edges and use jumprings to attach lengths of chain.

Pearls Between Everything

A favorite in the jewelry world, round pearls aren't just for weddings. Pearls add glamour to everyday pieces. Start with a single-strand of pearls and attach materials such as faceted cupchain between each pearl. A trendy mix of materials and beaded dangles becomes an eclectic charm bracelet.

Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles

Lots of Leather

The appeal of leather continues to grow with each season. Begin with a long cuff base, finish with snap closures and cut the leftover into strips. Dyed strips of leather offer a bright take on this material. The rich natural hues of leather work beautifully for Bohemian, Native American-inspired and other styles.

Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles

Beaded Beauties

Don't forget about beads. Fringe doesn't have to be pre-assembled. Using seed beads or micro beads, create custom-length fringe. Attach to a chain base, or use memory wire with matching fringe along the edge to make bracelet sizes customizable.

Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles

Sumptuous Silks

Just like the beautiful all-chain cuff mentioned earlier, silk cord is giving this trend a luxurious appearance. Banded together often with a link or other centerpiece, silk is wrapped in abundance around the wrist, tied or gathered and let loose for a billowing effect. Silk is also ideal for creating tassels.

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