Mandrels for Jewerly-Making

by Bryan Nealy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

A mandrel is a metalsmithing tool used to size and shape many types of metal and wire. Mandrels are typically used with a vise and a hammer or mallet to properly shape metal for jewelry-making. Mandrels come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, but are commonly made of steel, aluminum, wood or plastic. At Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, we have a wide variety of mandrels to choose from to fit your beading and jewelry-making needs.

Bezel Making Mandrels Bezel-Forming Mandrels

Bezel-forming mandrels are ideal for when you need to create shaped bezels and jumprings. Our selection of bezel-forming mandrels are made of steel, and are available in the following shapes: triangle, square, round and hexagonal.

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Jumpring Mandrels Jumpring Mandrels

Jumpring mandrels feature distinct notches to assist in creating exact sizes of jumprings. Our inventory of jumpring mandrels have a foam cushion handle to provide a comfortable, secure grip without the need for a vise.

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Ring Mandrels Ring Mandrels

A ring mandrel is the go-to tool for adjusting the size of a ring or simply measuring ring size. At Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, we carry plastic and aluminum mandrels that are ideal for measuring a ring's size, and we also carry a carbon steel mandrel for adjusting a ring's size. The plastic mandrel can also be used to shape polymer clay creations. To properly use a ring mandrel, follow our step-by-step instructions for sizing rings on a ring mandrel how-to video.

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Bracelet Mandrel Bracelet Mandrel

Similar to a ring mandrel, but featuring a larger diameter, a bracelet mandrel is a tool for shaping bracelets or adjusting the size of a bracelet. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has developed a bracelet mandrel that is perfect for creating round bangles with its round shape and diameter markings.

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Bangle Gauge Mandrel Bangle Gauge Mandrel

This professional-looking, cast aluminum bracelet mandrel with plastic base has clearly etched increments to accurately measure round bangles. The circumference tapers from 6.67 inches to 9.47 inches to provide a range of sizes for customer wrists. This mandrel works best with soft metals such as gold, silver, copper and brass.

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