Cultural Jewelry Inspiration: Japan

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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

As a cutting-edge society, Japan has taken to the global stage for exciting fashion creativity. Japan's influence on jewelry and accessories has come to appeal to modern trend setters and the always fashion-forward younger market, providing you with fresh inspiration or a way to draw in new customers.

Cultural Jewelry Inspiration: Japan According to style-savvy Accessories magazine, Japan--especially Tokyo--has inspired bold creations on the runway. Influential designers including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Dior and others are combining tactile materials in shocking pops of candy colors like neon lemon, lime green and bubblegum pink. These colors are prominent in street fashion (including hair) and have been found in rainbow, confetti or patchwork patterns with asymmetrical or seemingly unstructured lines. Brand names and their logos, cartoons or consumer-based interests are found on kitschy handbags and jewelry.

To achieve this youthful expression of fashion, think bright, over the top and mismatched. Patterns can clash--in fact, it seems to be preferred. Layer different prints and colors in unexpected ways for high-value wow factor. Food-inspired colors, especially vibrant primary hues, are your go-to palette. Not just the colors, but sweet food itself, candy, ice cream cones, cupcakes and fruit (think cherries and strawberries) are popular in jewelry. The packaging isn't off limits either. Fast food takeout boxes, milk cartons and other shapes are favorite oversized pendants and charms.

Design a large single word, food or animal shape (bunnies, cats, bears and even dinosaurs) using lightweight shrinkable plastic for a statement necklace. Cheerfully bright pony beads (also known as crow or kandi beads) are easy to string with their large drill holes for quickly and efficiently making stacked bracelets. Fun shapes such as bows, stars, graduated rounds and more are commonly found on necklaces and bracelets as well as hair clips.

No combination or high-impact hodgepodge is off limits. Go bold with restaurant-chain reds and yellows. Indulge in your designing sweet tooth with childlike abandon. And, keep your eye on the other side of the sea as Japan continues to deliver intriguing visual culture.

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Cultural Jewelry Inspiration: Japan

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