Chain-Woven Bracelets

Design Idea EC9C Bracelet
by Anne Marie Hunter, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Chain-woven bracelets offer a fresh take on bracelet designs. Unfinished chain or finished chain bracelets--in any color, size or finish--are the launching point for your own imaginative bracelet weaving.

The chain-woven bracelet trend presents designer-artists with an exciting opportunity to expand current jewelry lines. A single design can be adapted by simply changing colors or materials, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces. Though chain-woven bracelets may appear intricate, many are made using variations of the simple shoelace cross. The layered interweaving of components imparts a rich braided look to these designs.

Start with a bold, chunky chain or a refined, understated option. Then, weave in stylish, leather and fabric cord--leather and fabric cord--some of the more popular components for these woven designs. The products you select to weave into the chain are limited only by your imagination.
Design Idea B84G Bracelet

For an elegant look, interweave velvet or satin cord, rhinestone cupchain or pearls into the chain base. Add feminine touches to your design with a lacing of ribbon, locket or flower clasp.

For a rocker aesthetic, weave bold chain with suede or leather and finish the bracelet with a dragon or other statement-making clasp. Attach spike or skull components and amplify the design's cool factor.

Breathe a fashionable new life into seldom-worn chain bracelets with products you love, or those you've thought about designing with.

Alone or stacked, chain-woven bracelets are a bright look on the jewelry style horizon.

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