Electric Opal

Design Idea 931A Necklace
by Barbara van Look, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

From Paul Newman's well-known peepers to Picasso's famous period, blue is one of beauty's most popular colors--and after a few years of slumbering, blue is back with a vengeance!

Electric Opal

And it's not just any old sort of blues either--it's the bright electric blues with iridescence or opalescence. It's the blues that scintillate, shimmer and spark. It's the blues of opal, filled with multicolored fire that brings them alive.

Opalescent Blues ...

Whether it's the play of fire in natural boulder opal or the outrageous flash in manmade versions, it's the contrast of rich blues with flashes or flares of oranges or pinks that's key, whether in gemstone, sea ''opal'' glass, dichroic glass, pressed glass, seed beads, bugle beads, Mylar strips, Friendly Plastic® or shell. The contrast draws the eye and sells the style.

Blue Manmade Opal Bead Dichroic Glass Bead Czech Pressed Glass Bead Paua Shell Drop Sea

Bugle Beads Seed Beads Mylar Strips Friendly PlasticĀ®

Electric Opal ... In a Royal Combination ...

Blue is being paired with rich yellow gold (and occasionally blushing rose gold in jewelry trends fit for a queen). Harkening back to famous combinations of lapis lazuli and turquoise paired with gold beads, findings, chains, clasps, and more--seen in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Rome--the blue-and-gold combination showcases bold modern color alongside timeless style. You don't have to use high-octane gold, either--it's the color that counts!

... Where Size Doesn't Matter ...

Most styles feature smooth ovals or irregular rounds and rectangles especially popular with cocktail-style rings, bold focal components and oversized earrings.

... But Shimmer or Sparkle Does

While the highest end versions incorporate cut diamonds, this style's also been seen with faceted cubic zirconia, as well as Swarovski crystal beads chatons or fancy stones.

And whether they're used alone, in groups, surrounded by seed beads (or other small beads)--electric blue with iridescence or opalescence is haute, haute, haute.

Design with ...
Electric Opal