Blushing Beauty

Design Idea CB1Y Bracelet
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's not just brides who are blushing this season as popular fashion is leaning towards blush hues for clothing, handbags and jewelry. These soft pinks are universally flattering against all skin tones and can range from dusty to sandy pink. Typically, pink is viewed as girly, but the softer blush tones of this spectrum exude a bit more sophisticated air.

Blushing Beauty This color range pairs well with almost all metals including silver and copper, but is especially chic when accompanied by gold and rose gold. Neutrals including tans, whites and greys, as well as purple pastel, dark to light denim blue or fashion's staple black, are popular palettes to combine with blush tones.

Pair a blush-toned jewelry set like jewelry production specialist Jude's asymmetrical peachy-pink bamboo coral necklace and earrings with a white T and blue jeans for a highly fashionable casual look.

Or, take work-day style up a notch with a black boyfriend blazer and face-accentuating earrings such as jewelry making specialist Esther's gold and dusty rose-toned rhinestone earrings. Dress it up or down for casual, business or nighttime looks since blush hues are confident as the main color focus or an understated accent.

No material is off limits as textiles including satin, hemp, faux suede lace cord and more are popular pink-hued stringing materials or accents. Seed beads in pink hues such as rose pink, blush, pale or pastel rose, pink lemonade, baby pink and more from popular brands such as Delica®, Dyna-Mites™ and Tila™ are ideal for embroidery or spacers.
Blushing Beauty

Design with Crystal Passions® crystals and pearls in:

Pearls continue to be a classy statement when worn for any occasion, and blush-toned pearls whether faux or natural add a timelessly feminine edge to your wardrobe.

Or, try pink-hued gemstones such as:

And more ...

Pick your favorite materials in soft pink tones and be prepared to blush as you enjoy the much-deserved attention your style sense attracts.

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