Tips and Tricks of Magic-Glos®

Tips and Tricks of Magic-Glos
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Have you tried Magic-Glos yet? It not, you're missing out on a whole world of jewelry-making fun. A part of the Signature Series from Lisa Pavelka--award-winning artist, designer and author--this dimensional gloss is ideal for polymer clay or mixed media artists. So, let's get designing:

  • Top Coat
    This one-step top coat seals colorants and protects your creations. Simply use the convenient applicator to brush it right on to the surface of designs with paper beads, baked clay, shrinkable plastic, soldered metal sheet, Friendly Plastic®, etc. Magic-Glos seals water transfers, pigments such as mica powder, foils, stamped ink and more while giving the piece a high-gloss finish.
  • Tips and Tricks of Magic-Glos®

    Tips and Tricks of Magic-Glos®
  • Mix It Up
    Add glitter, dried flowers and more to designs using Magic Glos. Simply pour out a small amount, mix with whatever medium you want added to your design and apply. Or, pour the liquid right into a setting such as a locket or watch body and then add varying beads or materials to suspend them. After curing, you can add multiple layers for dimensional effects.

  • Magnification
    This fluid also works similar to a glass cabochon. Do you have non-calibrated settings you'd love to use, but aren't sure how? Find an image you like from a multitude of crafting paper, or your own pictures, and then cut it to fit inside your setting. Seal the paper with a non-water sealant first, then add Magic-Glos to the brim of the setting to create a dome and mildly magnify your image. Flat drops and focal components also take on new dimension when adding a domed layer.
Tips and Tricks of Magic-Glos®

  • Magic-Glos does not air dry, giving you ample time to design. When you are ready to cure, the quick-drying formula takes only 10-25 minutes depending on the amount used. Cure by setting your design in direct sunlight or under a UV light.

  • A little goes a long way! Apply Magic-Glos to the center of your design and work by spreading it outward with a needle tool, awl or toothpick. This prevents the liquid from spreading unevenly.

  • Formula is ready to go with no mixing required. Magic-Glos is also non-toxic, odor-free and dries crystal clear for a glass-like appearance.

Tips, Tricks and Other Info
  • To remove bubbles that may form, let the liquid settle for about 8 minutes, or longer if there are pieces suspended in the solution. Quickly pass the flame from a butane torch over the surface and bubbles will pop.

  • If bubbles were cured into the Magic-Glos, have no fear. Drill out the bubble and gently blow the dust out completely. Dab a small amount of gloss into the hole and use an awl to pull the solution to the edges so there is no dome or “frosted” surface. After curing, apply a bit more Magic-Glos to create a dome over the surface and cure again.

  • While Magic-Glos and resin work similarly, they do not play well together. Mixing the solutions, even after curing, is unadvisable as they will not stick to each other and simply pop off.

  • If Magic-Glos is to be poured over a paper image, paper must be sealed with a non-water sealant to prevent discoloration of base image. Or, use clear packing tape over the image.

  • Magic-Glos also does not cure to surfaces completely colored with Sharpie® markers or green and blue patinaed Lillypilly metal sheet and therefore may pop off or cause adverse reactions.

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