Best Earrings for Your Hairstyle

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Curious to know which earrings look best with your hairstyle? You’ll want to consider a couple key elements:

First of all, you’ll want to find your face shape. There are a handful of face shapes including round, square, heart and more. Find your face shape in the explanatory article ''Face Shape and Jewelry Choices'' or article plus video duo ''The Right Earring Style for Your Face Shape''. Once you have your face shape, it’s time to consider hair length.

Illustration of Various Face Shapes: Round, Oval, Square and Heart

Short Hair

Bob, pixie and other short hairstyles leave your lobes exposed, providing prime visual real estate. Simple lines look glamorous, especially those that would be hidden by longer hair styles. Chandelier looks extravagant while studs look cute or provide understated class. The most important factor to keep in mind when selecting earrings if you have super-short hair is your face shape will be highly emphasized.
Short Hair
Design Idea C85P Design Idea E30U Design Idea E919

Medium Length Hair

Medium hairstyles present the problem of potentially hiding earrings when worn, especially if hair lands on your shoulders. Larger earrings have a better chance of standing out against tresses. Shoulder duster earrings, which follow the course of your hair or are longer than your cut, can actually make your hairstyle look longer than it is.
Medium Length Hair
Medium Length Hair

Design Idea E90F Design Idea D511 Design Idea DA1L

Long Hair Long Hair

Longer hair can also hide earrings, but extra-long cuts are able to stay behind the shoulders opening up a space for earrings to be seen. With longer hairstyles, try wider designs with angles to peek through or longer styles to compliment the length of your locks. Long hair also presents a unique opportunity when pinned up or pulled back, as your options expand to shorter hairstyle options such as studs. Up-dos create heightened drama with longer earrings.
Long Hair

Design Idea BA45 Design Idea D35E Design Idea D914

Hair Color

The color of your hair can have a big impact on the visibility of earrings. If you have dark hair, brighter shades will stand out and vice versa for light colors. More unusual hair colors look spectacular against similarly bright shades on the opposite end of the color wheel. For example, red hair looks striking when turquoise-colored earrings are worn. If you have highlights, choosing earrings with high-contrast shades emphasizes those colors.
Color Wheel and Itten's Color Theory Illustrated Instructions

There you have it: face shape, hair length and hair color all play a part in which earrings look absolutely fantastic and unique on you. Don’t bog yourself down thinking you have to achieve all three all the time. These are just some helpful tips to get you confidently accessorizing and showing off your earrings.

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