Style Snapshot: Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets

Design Idea B63N Bracelet Style Snapshot: Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets
Design Idea B63N Bracelet Style Snapshot: Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

It's time to wear upper arm bracelets as the season heats up. With the sun ushering in sleeveless and tank-top weather, these upper arm bracelets--sometimes called armlets or arm cuffs--are one of the top warm-weather accessories to try. Here are the hottest upper arm bracelet themes:

Snake Upper Arm Bracelet Snakes

The coiling snake lends itself well to upper arm bracelets. Whether the design has a scale-like pattern and faceted gem eyes or the bracelet is thin-gauge wire with coiled ends, you may just walk like an Egyptian while sporting this twisting armlet. Memory wire is a convenient base for coiled designs.


Think chevrons, circles, triangles, concentric squares and more. Geometric-inspired shapes have been a key element on runways for multiple seasons and haven't lost their esteemed position. Futuristic and scientific (including mathematical) inspiration continues to mesh with fashion for intriguing aesthetics. Cuff Bracelets
Cuff Bracelets


Whether the base or the adornments are chain, the look is captivating. Chain wrapped about the arm has been accented with more chain looped and dangling, sometimes adding charms or gemstones such as turquoise for a pop of color. Multiple bands of chain are also linked with shorter lengths of chain for a ladder effect. Filigree focal components make excellent bases for looped, dangling chain.



Cuff Bracelets A metal sheet base provides room to design. Punch holes in the base to dangle spikes, crosses or other favorite drop components. Cutout patterns are a chic option as well as crystal accents. Enamel the bracelet with bright color to match your summer wardrobe. Thinner bangles or cuffs--often considered Greek-goddess inspired--squeeze to conform to your arm. Bracelet bases make designing convenient with a pre-existing cuff to start from. Wire-wrapping is another popular option for more intricate designs.
Style Snapshot: Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets Style Snapshot: Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets Wire Wrapping Wire

Fringe and Tassels

This free-swinging trend is not over yet. Fringe is flattering on upper arms, potentially blocking any tiny bit of "bulge" securing an armlet may cause. Make tassels and fringe from all your favorite materials including leather, seed beads and more. To get more information about popular materials and looks for fringe bracelets, read our Style Snapshot ''Style Snapshot: Fringe Bracelets for All Jewelry Styles''. Style Snapshot: Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets
Gold Beads, Wire and Tan Leather Cord Style Snapshot: Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets

Whether you prefer the bracelet to stretch, wrap or lightly squeeze, your upper arm bracelet is a must-have fashion accessory as seasonal temperatures rise.

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