Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 2 - Fantasy

Design Idea EC0N Necklace
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Jewelry has the unique ability to inspire and transport wearers to other places and times. During a time when fashion is riding the "geek chic" wave, now is the time to cast your jewelry-making spell on the ever-growing fantasy culture. Not all geeks are Trekkies, and some prefer to escape reality to worlds of magic and adventure through their wardrobe and accessories. Use your fantastical jewelry to send customers on magical quests fraught with dangerous creatures and epic rewards inspired by their favorite book-inspired TV series, movies and more.

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Are you or your clientele inspired by Lord of the Rings, Games of Thrones, Supernatural and other fantasy series? Big names including Chanel, have capitalized on our interest in fantasy fashion for more than one season. While comic conventions and cosplay (dressing up as favorite characters) trends remain popular, creative designers find a lucrative niche for both sci-fi and fantasy themes. Customers have the opportunity to traverse an epic world where jewelry is inspired by mystical lands or mythological fairy tale creatures. Dragons don't only exist in these realms; they're the norm, along with fairies, wizards and more. Ways to enchant with this trend include:

Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 2 - Fantasy Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 2 - Fantasy

  • Celtic designs that could have come straight from the Elven outpost Rivendell
  • Wire formed to a point for Elven ears or other highly embellished ear cuffs
  • Wizards inspired by the infamous Merlin or Harry Potter
  • Flora and fauna including Games of Thrones familywolves and stag heads
  • Images of dragons either fierce or as cute as How To Train Your Dragon's Toothless
  • Scale-inspired chainmaille and drops
  • Natural-looking materials including leather bases
  • Horn or talon-looking spikes
  • Glass cabochon eyes--dragon eyes, cat eyes, magical mystical eyes that see all
  • Rich, deeply saturated gemstone colors
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Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 2 - Fantasy