Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry Trend

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by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

You don't have to be a genuine cowboy, or cowgirl, to grab this trend by the horns. Western-inspired fashion has seen a recent surge of attention from designers, resulting in clothing and accessories, including jewelry, rustlin' up all things Old West.

Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry Trend Boasting an earthy color palette, you can't go wrong when designing with black, browns, tans, white, reds or turquoise. These colors are found on materials including gemstones, leather and seed beads. Metal tones popularly used include shiny or antiqued gold, brass and copper, though silver isn't totally absent.

Leather fringe isn't just for clothing and handbags, as necklaces and earrings are sporting leather cord in bunched tassels. Leather, as well as bola cord, is used in other ways, too. Bola ties and braided leather or beaded bracelets with a leatherette base are staples of the Western trend. A fun pre-made cording with a rugged Western appearance is "barbed wire" leather cord, perfect for unisex bracelets. Accent these bracelet and neck cords with slides, bola tips and slides, snaffle bits or charms featuring boots, cowboy hats, six shooters, bullets, bulls, steers, horses and horse shoes.

The incorporation of seed bead embroidery cannot be overlooked either. Cowboy hat bands, bola tie centerpieces, belt buckles and patterned bracelets are just a few ways to get big style return using those tiny seed beads. Patterns commonly found on these favorite accessories have Southwestern flair with zigzags, diamonds and chevrons.

Cowboy-Themed Beads and Components

Whether city slickers or local yokels, the fashion world is calling designers out at high noon. Will you say howdy to Western trends and ride victoriously into the sunset or risk losing the fast-paced shootout of fashion and miss out on sales? The choice is yours, partner.

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Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry Trend

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