Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry Trend

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You don't have to be a genuine cowboy, or cowgirl, to giddy up in style with one of the hottest trends on the market today. The fashion world is exploding with rustic charm as the obsession with cowboy culture heats up. Western jewelry and accessories work with a range of lifestyles and both men's and women's jewelry statements. Grab this western-inspired fashion trend by the horns for best-selling jewelry lines, gifts and more.

Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry

The western jewelry trend has strong Texas vibes and lots of cowgirl sass with turquoise having a huge moment. This beautiful blue gemstone highlights the entire face and is flattering to all. Turquoise jewelry is commonly believed to bring protection and luck and is popular year-round. Design with turquoise gemstone beads, cabochons and turquoise-colored seed beads and stones.

Western-inspired jewelry includes statement dangle earrings, mis-matched earrings and silver hoops, bib-style necklaces, large bracelet cuffs and sculptured rings. Adorn cowboy boots with bootlets (an anklet that goes over the boot) and embellish western-style belts with Swarovski crystal flat backs and cabochons for attention-getting style. Inlay detailing, hammered metals, boho-style feathers, fringe accents and Kokopelli motifs are popular.

Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry

One of the most prominent styles is the squash blossom necklace. Squash blossom refers to a necklace produced by Southwestern Indians. It was first made by the Navajo and later by the Zuni and Hopi Indians. The principle part of the necklace is the crescent shaped ''Naja'' pendant, which the Southwestern Indians first saw as iron ornaments on the horse bridles of the Spanish Conquistadors in the late 1500s and early 1600s.

Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry

Boasting an earthy color palette, you can't go wrong when designing with black, browns, orange, tans, white, reds or turquoise. These colors are found in materials including gemstones, crystal, leather and seed beads. Metal tones include shiny or antiqued gold, brass, copper and silver.

Bolo ties and braided leather or beaded bracelets with a leatherette base are staples of the Western trend. Accent these bracelet and neck cords with slides, bolo tips and slides, snaffle bits or charms featuring boots, feathers, cowboy hats, six shooters, bullets, bulls, steers, horses and horseshoes.

Seed bead embroidery plays a big role in this trend from cowboy hat bands, bolo tie centerpieces, belt buckles and patterned bracelets. Patterns commonly found on these favorite accessories have a Southwestern flair with zigzags, diamonds and chevrons.

Style Snapshot: Western Jewelry

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