Focus: A Very ''Green'' Christmas

Focus: A Very ''Green'' Christmas

Courtesy of Handmade Business

All products were on view at NY NOW's Summer Market. Photos courtesy of NY NOW.

Puffed-Up Beer Bottle Vase Left: Solos Glass unveils its made-in-America Puffed-up Beer Bottle Vase. Formed from a 22-ounce beer bottle, the glass is heated up, then puffed with air, to create this light, airy receptacle. The vase can be recycled and made into something else if broken. (

Right: No plastic is used in this Japanese creation. Assembly only requires scissors--no tape, glue, or staples. The PIPEROID duo--''Linda and Doby''--is a pair of unique products designed to inspire ''the kid inside everyone's heart.'' MAGNOTE, the design company, specializes in wholesale of these gifts and toys that ''appeal to all ages and rejuvenate creativity.'' ( Linda and Doby
Below: Made in the USA, the Centerpiece Basket is created from recycled bamboo chopsticks. Formed from natural bamboo, which can decompose, the basket is able to fold up flat. Made from chopsticks that have been used and are ready to be discarded, the artisans are ''taking a resource that would end up in the landfill and turning it into something artistic, functional, and durable.'' The Centerpiece Basket is made of 64 pairs of recycled chopsticks. (

Holstee Frames Left: Made in the USA, Holstee products are created from reclaimed wood from torn-down houses in Detroit, Michigan. The frames are created entirely from upcycled/reclaimed wood. Holstee works with an organization that is providing economic opportunity to people in Detroit--in areas that are impacted by high unemployment and major economic upheaval. (

Below: Jenny Krauss/Kinderware unveils these Manta Tote Bags, made from wool and organic leather. Created from recycled materials--vintage one-of-a kind textiles--each purse or pocketbook is different because of this. Made in Peru by local artisans, the bags represent ''globalization at its best.'' The company prides itself on ''lifting the standard of living for the indigenous communities.'' (

Right: Acacia's Cross Bracelet is made from recycled paper and stainless-steel wire. The paper comes from recycled magazines and the hand-shaped wire cross comes from recycled metal. Each paper bead is coated in clear, nontoxic lacquer, making them water resistant and durable. Each is rolled by hand and provides income to women all over Uganda and Kenya. ( Acacia

The Horizon Tray Left: The Horizon Tray is made from FSC-certified birch wood--that means it is created from a sustainably managed and harvested forest. The tray can be recycled at any depot that accepts wood products. Made in Sweden by Lu Prints, the functional, durable item is both stylish and eco-aware. (

Right: Created under the auspices of Aid to Artisans, designed by Miguel Calvo and manufactured by Areket, this fruit holder is made from a recycled tire. The tire is covered by Wayuu weaving in acrylic thread. The weaving (or crocheting) is done by hand. This clever repurposing is done by the Wayuus, an indigenous community living in northern Colombia. ( Fruit Holder

The Plait Necklace Left: Based out of the United Kingdom, Delight London hand makes delightful and unexpected merchandise. The Plait Necklace is concocted from rubber bands and recycled skateboard bearings. The natural rubber bands are biodegradable. The rubber bands come from South India, and the latex rubber from local family plantations. An award-winning jewelry firm, Delight London's line of fashion items is called ''rubellery.'' (

Right: Made in Vietnam for the Tesoros Trading Company, these bowls and coasters are created from upcycled buttons. Handmade by artisans working in their homes, the female workforce is able to earn income while producing gifts and accessories culled from unusual raw materials. ( Upcycled Button Bowl and Coaster

Plumeria Cuff Left: The Plumeria Cuff is recycled sterling silver and 18K gold plate. Catherine Weitzman's Handmade Jewelry uses 95% recycled silver shot in all of their cast jewelry. They collect and sell back their scrap metal to be recycled, and only buy recycled silver. The company's designers are inspired by nature, travel, and the diversity of the environment. (