Rockabilly Jewelry

Design Idea F11Q Necklace and Earrings
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Seen in popular culture, at car shows, races, diners and more, the rockabilly fashion trend is one with vintage appeal. It's a mix of classic cherry darling from the 1950s with a little bit of punk or pin-up inspired edge. High-waisted skirts, button-up blouses and wiggle or flared swing dresses pair with pumps, saddle shoes and classic Mary Janes. The colors are bold and retro including red, black, white and pastel accents like peach or turquoise, though navy blue and baby pink aren't shy about their appearances either. Think sweet and sassy.

Rockabilly Jewelry Sailor motifs are found often in the rockabilly jewelry look with anchors and tattoo-style hearts or roses. Other key shapes include: Common patterns include checkers and polka dots or leopard print accents in natural or crazy colors.

If you're looking to create swingin' jewelry in rockabilly style, you're in luck when it comes to materials. All range of materials is seen from brightly dyed gemstones, ceramic, etc. to metal charms and more. Pearls are a favorite for adding a classic touch while chain offers an edgier appearance. Popular pendant styles are often seen, as well as strung designs with a single focal shape paired with large round beads.

Rockabilly Components

Necklace, bangle bracelets, hair accessories (such as fabric flowers) and earrings are sometimes worn all at the same time and provide designers with ample opportunity. It's an ageless look, perfect for those reminiscing of days past or the younger crowd fascinated with rat rods, muscle cars or classic fashion.

More Rockabilly Components

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