Offbeat, Odd or Overlooked Items

Looking for something a little different? A great way to make your jewelry designs stand out is to utilize some non-traditional materials. Submitted for your delectation and approval, the following grab bag of curios.

Sugar Skulls

Eerie and fascinating, that's a good way to describe Dia de los Muertos skulls. Some people were taken aback when these decorative skulls first arrived. Edgy? Maybe a little bit, but they fit in a group of products such as spikes, for designers who want their jewelry creations to be expressive or "out there." The Dia de los Muertos skulls have become quite popular, especially because of their rich cultural background. Learn more behind the Dia de Los Muertos trend.

Offbeat, Odd or Overlooked Items


Speaking of a storied past, the dragon is an interesting motif to include in jewelry designs. There are multitudes of dragon types, including wyrm (without wings) and wyvern (wings are attached to the forearms), giving you plenty of variation. Cultures all around the world have had depictions and legends of various dragons. Fantasy and science fiction popular media also help keep these magnificent beasts in the public eye, though they tend to be a consistent favorite creature for many regardless of what shows or movies may be out. Dragon pendants are common, but have you seen dragon eye cabochons? Or dragon clasps and other findings that allow designers to keep their theme all the way through the piece?

Dragon Components

Bells and Whistles

If you want to add all the bells and whistles to your jewelry designs ... you can--literally! Jewelry is often made to be a statement, to draw attention. Why not incorporate some melodious components to heighten interest? Some bells produce no noise or a tiny sound, while others may produce a slightly more noticeable sound if picked up and specifically shook for the purpose. Whistles are available in different lengths to offer a range of sounds when used.

Electroplated Quartz

A perfect candidate in the overlooked category is top-drilled quartz crystal with electroplated coatings. The quartz crystal is of designer quality and given stunning iridescence in a multitude of shades. The raw cut and natural pointed shape of these beads also helps them draw attention when used in jewelry designs.

Offbeat, Odd or Overlooked Items

Handmade Porcelain Beads

Feeling hungry to get designing? Well there's more to whet your jewelry-making appetite. Porcelain beads in fun shapes have been seen on the trend horizon--especially in the shape of food. These offbeat little beads are each made by artisans in Peru, which means each bead will be slightly different, adding to their quirky, fun character.

Porcelain Beads

Bugging Out

While this list of particularly unique items could go on and on, the final feature will be sure to bug your eyes out. Insects or all kinds see seasonal trend fervor especially in spring with bees, butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies, but that doesn't mean you have to design only with bugs during that season. There are more than the "cute" bugs as well. Green jewelry beetle wings are sure to give jewelry designs interesting flair. The drops feature a natural emerald green hue with an iridescent blue shimmer that dances in the light. These wings have traditionally been seen in clothing embroidery as well as jewelry.

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