Offbeat, Odd or Overlooked Items

Offbeat, Odd or Overlooked Items
by Dan Day, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

A great way to make your jewelry designs stand out is to utilize some non-traditional materials. Submitted for your delectation and approval, the following grab bag of curios:

Eerie and fascinating, that's a good way to describe Dia del los Muertos skulls. When they first arrived at FMG, some were taken aback. Edgy? You bet, but they fit in a group of products, including snakes as well as arrowheads and spikes, for designers that want their jewelry creations to be more expressive and "out there." The Dia de los Muertos skulls actually have become quite popular, but let's face it (!) they are still a little offbeat.

Maybe not as scary, but an old favorite in stories and legends, dragons are new again in the form of clasps.

Dia De Los Muertos Skulls Dragon Clasps

Let's go back to the future with steampunk. This retro futurist style summons up the Victorian era and Art Nouveau design and has been displayed in the arts community since the turn of the century (the most recent one that is). Steampunk can still be quite a head turner. The secret ingredient: gears and their cogs.

And, if you want to add all the bells and whistles ...

Bells and Whistles For a jewelry design element that may be somewhat overlooked, let's go further into the past with knots, which of course, go way back to pre-history.

The templates let you create Asian-style knots, aided and abetted by the sketch boards and cord knotters.

Here is a brief mention of an offbeat favorite: printed guitar picks, which are covered more fully in a separate article. Suffice to say, jewelry artists know that a wide range of objects can be incorporated into their designs as long as they aren't too big, heavy, sharp or ugly. And guitar picks offer some iconic imagery in a provocative, yet familiar shape.

A possible candidate in the overlooked category: the brightly coated quartz crystal. It's designer quality with plenty of visual appeal, especially the peacock blue.

Guitar Pick Components

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