Circle of Hope Beads - Pam Hahn

Circle of Hope Beads - Pam Hahn
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®


We are an evolving community of passionate individuals, each of us, dedicated to creating a magical experience for our customers, employees and suppliers.

It's right in our vision statement, we're a community: a community of passionate individuals who are dedicated to magical experiences. Fire Mountain employees don't just do this for our customers, as we really are one big family here.

Fire Mountain Friends Gather with Pam at The Local Restaurant Roux 26.

Fire Mountain friends gather with Pam at the local restaurant Roux 26.

Not so long ago, Fire Mountain lost a family member who had been valiantly battling breast cancer. Pam Hahn was the catalog team's proofreader. She scoured every page of every catalog and was an integral part of the project. After hoping to have removed the cancer the first time, it was amazing to see Pam's friends and family band around her to offer support. Pam came back to work and everyone cheered, though the cheering unfortunately did not last. What the doctor had missed was the cancer had spread.

Pam Loved to Go Uut and Enjoy Nature.

Pam loved to go out and enjoy nature.

Enjoying a Day at The Beach With Sand Between Her Toes.

Enjoying a day at the beach with sand between her toes.

You wouldn't even know she was sick though most of the time, as Pam was one of those selfless people who offered YOU support even while she struggled. One of the friendliest people you could ever meet, Pam had a smile for everyone and dismissed no one's questions or talents no matter whom you were (including making a greenhorn like me feel valued when I first started). She came to work, even when she probably should have been resting. Coworkers would ask her why she didn't stay home with her family, and she would respond she was with her Fire Mountain family here. To help with Pam's medical bills, a charity golf event was organized, a garage sale was held and when she had to move to her sister's to receive extra care, it was a fleet of Fire Mountain employees who volunteered to help. Pam's spirit constantly amazed everyone, despite being given only months to live. Pam Joins Her Friends From The Multimedia Department For A Party.

Pam joins her friends from the Multimedia department for a party.

Pam Had A Sense Of Humor That Kept Everyone On Their Toes.

Pam had a sense of humor that kept everyone on their toes.

Even When Pam Was down, She Could Always Lift You Up.

Even when Pam was down, she could always lift you up.

Pam passed the day before her birthday, when a big bash had been planned. Family had come from all over, and so she was surrounded by loved ones on her final day. Not long after, Fire Mountain created a new opportunity to donate funds to breast cancer research. We put up a board to highlight the names of friends and family members who had fought, were currently fighting, survived or had passed from cancer. Many employees honored Pam's name. It wasn't just Pam's name though, as the board made it even more apparent how many people are truly affected by cancer. It also reminds us, we are a family and we are here for each other through thick and thin. Each year, the Circle of Hope is one of our favorite projects to continue honoring those who have fought this battle. Handmade beads and jewelry are donated and ALL proceeds go to breast cancer cure research. If you'd like to join the fight, there are multiple ways to donate on our Circle of Hope web page. Welcome to the family.

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