Opposites Attract

Design Idea BA47 Bracelet
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

It's fun to have multiple interests and styles, though jewelry can occasionally be a difficult thing to settle on when you have so many ways of expression. If the runways are telling us anything, it is this doesn't have to be a dilemma anymore. Opposites, or the seemingly unconnected, are merging into malleable jewelry styles and combine any number of influences.

Opposites Attract Mixing Metals

Not so sure about mixing a bunch of seemingly unrelated styles? Try mixing metals first for a confidence booster. Just as Barbara van Look mentions in her article ''NO Rules for Making and Wearing Jewelry'', the old idea about gold and silver not playing well together has been thrown out the window. Metallics are considered neutrals these days, so if you like gold and gunmetal, silver and copper or any other combination--go for it. Looking for more tips on mixing metals? Our exclusive article ''Mixing Metals for the Brave'' highlights a few fun ways to mix like a pro.

High-Tech Nature

It's a high-tech world of growing eco awareness. Use your jewelry-making expertise to combine industrial materials and color schemes with natural-inspired motifs. The infamous crystal brand Swarovski takes beautiful colors from Mother Nature and combines them with modern shapes, or vice versa. It's the ''Swarovski Trend - Nature Lab'' and it's a fun way to take two totally different ideas and make them a beautiful piece of jewelry. Another way designers are enjoying this juxtaposition is by rendering natural shapes and patterns in metal. In the article ''Industrial Nature for Illustrious Jewelry'' get the lowdown on how to make your own naturally inspired metal jewelry. Swarovski Crystal Beads and Components

Opposites Attract

East and West

Our world is getting smaller as communication and interaction across continents speeds up. This also results in a larger sharing of cultural inspiration. Symbols, designs and color schemes from all over the world are showing up in fashion, accessories and jewelry. A particularly popular, easy and fun way to display diversity is through ''Cultural Symbols in Jewelry''. Learn some of the most prominent symbols and their meanings to begin mixing and matching. Or, take a specific country of interest and find the textures, palettes and history you enjoy to create runway-worthy designs. Some noteworthy nations we've seen inspiring catwalks and fashion magazines include India, Russia, Japan, France and more.

Are you getting the idea? There are no limitations on your creative combinations as the fashion world is embracing mismatched prints (clashing is okay), a hodgepodge of inspiration and seemingly polar opposite personality interests (think lace and leather). No longer must we choose an interest to display. Go for the gusto and combine them for everyday style.

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